Hand Percussion



Hand Percussion


Blocks have an application in almost every genre of music and they come in all shapes and sizes and are made with a variety of materials that produce traditional and unique tones. Pearl offers a full line of block to meet the needs of percussionists from beginners to professionals.


Clave Blocks

Model Number

PBL-10 (Green High Pitch)

PBL-20 (Yellow Medium Pitch)

PBL-30 (Red Low Pitch)

Pearl's clave blocks are injection molded so they're virtually indestructible, and the the solid color will never chip, fade or peel. Our exclusive CDV (Chamber Density Variation) Technology process allows all three clave blocks to be the same dimensions, but still differ in pitch. An integrated swiveling mount allows a diverse range of mounting opportunities.


Anarchy Block

Model Number


The Anarchy Block is injection molded of hi-density plastic and produces a low piercing pitch that will cut through even the heaviest metal rhythm section. The block includes a mounting bracket and is finished in black with spikes to complete the look.

Ash Tone Blocks

Model Number

PAB-20 (High Pitch)

PAB-50 (Medium Pitch)

PAB-100 (Low Pitch)

Pearl's Ash Tone Blocks are constructed using Ash wood because it is extremely hard and durable. The Ash Tone Blocks are pitched in "thirds" and each block includes a mounting bracket that accepts a 3/8" post.

Elite Concert Wood Blocks

Model Number

PCWB100A (High Pitch)

PCWB200A (Medium Pitch)

PCWB300A (Low Pitch)

Pearl's Elite Concert Wood Blocks are sold individually and are pitched in "thirds" offering a low, medium and high pitch. The blocks are made from a blend of hardwoods and can be played handheld, mounted or on a trap table. Each block includes a mounting bracket and the low and medium pitched blocks can be mounted from the middle or end. The smaller high pitch block can only be mounted from one position. The mounting bracket will accept a 3/8" post.

Temple Blocks

Model Number


Pearl's wood Concert Temple Blocks are a perfect fit for any orchestra, band or marching ensemble. The blocks come mounted together in a set of 5, ranging from the smallest high pitched block to the largest low pitched block. Constructed of Para wood, these blocks provide a crisp, clear tone with a projection that can be heard even at the softest dynamics. The blocks attach to any hardware tube or post from 3/8" to 1.5" via an innovative mount bolted to the blocks' crossbar. Featuring an all-natural finish and brilliant articulation, Pearl's Concert Temple Blocks are a must have for any ensemble.