Ultra-Sound Snare Wires

Replacement Snare Options

Ultra-Sound Snare Wires


Replacement Snare Options

Ultra-Sound Snare Wires

Your snare -and in reality, your sound- deserves the upgrade Pearl's Ultra-Sound Snare Wires deliver. Designed to elevate snare sound and response to a fresh dynamic range, Ultra-Sound Wires feature Patented elements that cater specifically to the size and shell material of your snare shell.


Ultra-Sound Snare Wires

Model Number

SN-1320   SN-1420

SN-1442   SN-1520

Pearl makes Ultra-Sound Snare Wires as an upgrade to for 13", 14" and select 15" snare drum models. Each set delivers individually tailored sensitivity fit for the very best of drums and drummers.

20-Strand for 13" Snares

SN-1320I: "I" Type W/Chords

SN-1320C: "C" Type W/Chords

SN-1320D: "D" Type W/Chords

20-Strand for 14" Snares

SN-1420I: "I" Type W/Chords

SN-1420C: "C" Type W/Chords

SN-1420D: "D" Type W/Chords

42-Strand for 14" Snares

SN-1442I: "I" Type W/Chords

SN-1442C:  "C" Type W/Chords

SN-1442D:  "D" Type W/Chords

20-Strand for 15" Snares

SN-1520I: "I" Type W/Chords

Graduated Tension Wires

Ultra-Sound Snare Wires

The way the snares respond to the stroke and vibration of the shell has dramatic sonic implications in your overall tone. Only Pearl Ultra-Sound Snare Wires feature the Graduated Tension Mounting method; three profiles that focus the tension of the wires by section to give vibration emphasis for different snare types and sizes. 

U.S. Patent #7205405


Features evenly tensioned snare wires for general purpose applications.


Features increased tension in the outer wires with a slight "give" in the center wire section. Delivers outstanding tracking and response for louder musical stylings and metal-shell snare drums.


Features higher tension in the center wires for outstanding sensitivity; ideal for Classical/Symphonic play and wood-shell snare drums.

Bronze Mounting Plate and Wires

Better Plate = Better Contact

Ultra-Sound Wires feature a unique 6mm Phosphor Bronze mounting plate with three different mounting options:

  • Channel Chord Receivers: Allows the wires to lay flat against the head without resistance.
  • Standard Chord Receivers: Delivers a more traditional sound with a touch of restraint.
  • Strap Receiver: For use of a preferred strap to mount from the strainer.

Controlled Snare Vibes

Pearl's unique low-mass snare wires are uncoated to deliver the raw snare experience, but treated to be free of rust for years of active play.