Boom Cymbal Holders

boom cymbal holders


boom cymbal holders


boom cymbal holders

Take your cymbal set-up to new heights!


A professional solution for added cymbals and accessories, Pearl's Gyro-Lock Boom Cymbal Holder is easily adaptable to drum racks or other stands around the kit. Matching the look and function of our professional 1030 Series hardware features rachetless, multi-axis tilter adjustment. Its off-set boom arm tilter with form-fit stop lock adjusts to practically any position and provides extra length for reach from the mounted position.


From Pearl's premium, tour-grade hardware range, the CH-1030C is the only cymbal system featuring the unique positioning benefits of the Boomerang curved boom arm.


The Pearl CH-930 is a tour-ready, high-impact cymbal holder perfect for adapting to existing stands and rack set-ups; giving full access to crashes, splashes, and rides all around the drum kit. Its Uni-Lock tilter delivers nearly limitless angle adjustment, and the extended, solid hide-away boom arm allows for positioning as close or as far as your reach requires. Includes plastic wingnut and cymbal cup and die-cast boom joint.


Pearl offers cymbal holders for every application whether rack or adapter mounted. The CH-830 has a Uni-Lock tilter for rock solid cymbal placement and has a boom arm with no counter weight.


It's time to let go of drum set-ups that are restricted by our gear; and let the drum set give back to the drummer! The Boomerang -world's first curved boom arm system- can make it all happen.


The CH-70 features a cymbal boom arm and integrated quick-release mounting bracket for applicationssuch as mounting splash cymbals, where full-size stands are not required.


Mount a ride or crash over your kick drum by attaching it to your kick drum! The Pearl Bass Drum mount cymbal holder features a multi-height gearless cymbal tilter that attaches to an included Reference-style shell bracket. Using the included drilling diagram, the bracketbecomes a permanent part of your bass drum that allows for secure multi-angle cymbal mounting. It's old-school feel with new-school mounting security!


Pearl's Bass Drum Hoop Mount Cymbal Holder lets you mount a cymbal to your bass drum without added brackets or drilling into the shell.


Pearl's Bass Drum Shell Mount Cymbal Holder mounts a cymbal to your bass drum for a clean, classic look and easy access without an added cymbal stand.

Uni-Lock Arm and Leg Cymbal Adapter

The CHA-70 expandsyour set-up without additional stands, andmakes adding cymbals to floor tom legs, L-Arms, and cymbal boom arms a breeze. An exceptional addition for working drummers who want to extend the use of existing gear in tight spaces.