Percussion Learning Center PL

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Percussion Learning Center PL


Education Kits

Percussion Learning Center PL

The perfect start to a career in percussion begins with high-quality instruments. Pearl Educational Kits contain superior components that are fast and easy to assemble.


Percussion Learning Center PL

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The PL Series Ed Kits feature an umbrella style bell stand and a new system of tone bar supports that add clarity and sustain to every note. The components of each kit store away for easy transport in their own custom-made carrying cases designed with durable reinforced zippers, heavy-duty retractable handles, wide-stance, easy-roll wheels, and convenient pouches — all in a compact size. 


2.5 Octave Bells (F5-C8, A=442Hz) with durable ABS plastic side frames


13”x3” Wood Shell Snare Drum with Midnight Black Wrap Finish


Height adjustable Bell Stand with simple on/off mechanism for quick setup and teardown


Row-Loff Pearl ToolBox Curriculum Method Book for Snare Drum and Mallet Keyboard


Separate heavy duty "basket-style" snare top featuring no-slip angle adjustment


Padded Nylon, backpack style carrying case with separate zippered compartments for all components for maximum protection and easy access. Featuring a reflective stripe, built-in roller blade wheels, and a heavy-duty, multi-stop, height-adjustable retractable handle.


8" tunable practice pad with stand mount


Attachable music rack folds for compact storage, eliminating the need for a separate music stand


5A drumsticks, wood tips (pair)


ABS plastic bell mallets, wood shafts (pair)


PKBH-32 2.5 Oct Bell Section

Bell Section with precision tuned aluminum tone bars and improved suspension mounts for better tone and sustain from every note. 2.5 Octave Bells (F5-C8, A=442Hz) with durable ABS plastic side frames.

EKW1335SC31 13x3.5 Wood Snare Drum

13”x3.5” Wood Snare Drum with #31 Jet Black Wrap Finish - a high quality sensitive and responsive drum for a positive student experience in a compact and easy to transport size.

PKS-910 Umbrella-style Bell Practice stand

4-arm umbrella-style stand fully supports the bell section for easy set-up and sturdy playing. With the arms folded down the threaded post is exposed for practice pad mounting and playing.  

PLBC-91 Padded Case with Wheels

PLBC-91 Nylon backpack style carrying case with reflective stripe and built-in wide-set roller blade wheels, and heavy duty multi-stop height adjustable retractable handle.