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The Legends of Tomorrow, Play Export Today. The Best selling drum set of all time is now offered in a "Purple Nebula" , a gorgeous purple sparkle finish that is unique to the current EXX color palette. The purple sparkle finish, Purple Nebula, is a bit of reminiscent of one of the Pearl's iconic finishes, Purple Craze, however, instead of offering the astonishing finish with our hi-end drum set series, we are now offering it with Export series as a limited run for a limited period of time. Please contact a local Pearl dealer for the availability. Three configurations are available. EXX705NP/C #737 includes 20x16 Bass Drum, 10x7 and 12x8 Rack Tom,14x14 Floor Tom, 14x5.5 Snare Drum EXX725P/C #737 includes 22x18 Bass Drum, 12x8 and 13x9 Rack Tom,16x16 Floor Tom, 14x5.5 Snare Drum. EXX725SP/C #737 includes 22x18 Bass Drum, 10x7 and 12x8 Rack Tom,16x16 Floor Tom, 14x5.5 Snare Drum.


New Mobile Application Pearl Mania Available in Brazil!

If you happen to be in Brazil, why not download the Pearl new mobile App, Pearl Mania, which provides you with most updated news on Pearl related products, events or Pearl artists' activities you do not wish to miss out on. Not only does this App give you hot news, but also every time you purchase Pearl products in Brazil you can earn some special points on it, which you can then exchange for exclusive prizes! Furthermore, if you become an engaged user on the App you may receive special access to some local Pearl events!! Please learn more about the application at and stay updated on what Pearl has to offer in Brazil.

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Masters Maple Complete 2020 New Finishes

Pearl Masters Maple Complete, or MCT, has been a must for the touring pro since its debut in 2016. in 2020 Pearl has added five premium lacquer finishes and one graphic design finish to the already versatile MCT color line-up. All of these six new finishes ensure the finest quality in the industry and have brought the series to a whole new level. 2020 new finishes #823 Cain and Abel #836 Red Burst Stripe #837 Chrome Contrail #838 Satin Sakura Coral #840 Almond Red Stripe #841 Piano Black with Silver Stripe If you are considering getting a new pro kit that offers an unparalleled sound, please let Masters Maple Complete, which is now available in the eye popping new finishes, be your choice. For more information about Masters Maple Complete or other Pearl products, please go to our product pages.

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Pearl Essentials ~ Why do you play Pearl? ~

Everyone has different reasons why they have chosen what they play. Our partner in Australia has made the program called "Pearl Essentials", in which our Australian friends introduce you to the Pearl gear they use and talk about what they like about it as well as some stories behind it. Please head over to Pearl Australia Instagram page or Facebook page now to check the series of videos! You may also leave your comments on the social media platforms and share us the reasons why you play what you play. Well, if you ask us, that is because Pearl is "the best reason to play drums". Please check them out!. Pearl Essentials Dean Cooper; Pearl Essentials Jay Allen: Pearl Essentials Jared Roberts: Pearl Essentials Key Smith: Pearl Essentials Dan Kerby: And more: ,

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Pearl Sticks

Did you know that Pearl was offering its own sticks in Japan? In fact, Pearl sticks have been widely recognized as one of the best sticks in Japan for their durability, playability as well as the attractive price and product range with which each series is being offered. Pearl offers long sticks, short sticks or mid-long sticks to cover all kinds of needs. Or if you look at the availability of stick-tip types, you'd have Tear Drop type, Barrel type, Oval type, Arrow type,,, the list just goes on and on. As far as the wood materials these sticks are made out of go, you'd have Oak, Hickory or even Maple to choose from. Furthermore, since the Pearl sticks' qualities have been well received in Japan, Pearl has even collaborated with many artists to create signature models, all of which are very unique and specific in spec and have expanded the Pearl sticks product range into the point where it covers almost all demands one can think of and thus even most discerning players will find some pairs to choose from the options. If you ever visit Japan, why don't you hop in a musical instrument store where you will most likely find pairs of Pearl sticks and bring them back home with you to add to your stick collections?

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Play hard and play clean?

As the world is suffering with the corona virus pandemic, Japan has been no exception with the number of daily infections hitting over a hundred, people finding it hard to adjust themselves into the new normality and many drummers being unable to find a place to play the drums under such circumstances. In the face of these most challenging times, Pearl has taken a whole new step and invented a very unique product to combat the virus in the most "rhythmical" way and that is a hand sanitizer stand. As you may be thinking, there are many hand sanitizer stands out there and it itself is nothing new, however this, our friends, is not just a hand sanitizer stand, but it is converted from a Pearl Hi-hat stand. This simple, yet innovative hand sanitizer stand has so much more to offer than you may think it does. First, as it is converted from one of the most selling Pearl Hi-Hat stands, H-830, it is light, yet very sturdy for ensuring a quick mobility as well as an extreme stability. Second, of course, it has inherited the "height adjustable feature" from the original product so that you may adjust the height as required for children or any special occasions. Third, the specially made slide-plate allows a flexible positioning of the sanitizer bottle you may place on the tray, which is also specially made for this use. We could go on and there are many more features to add, but if we are allowed to mention one more thing about the product, it would be the fact that you do not need to use your hands to push the hand sanitizer bottle, but you would just need to step on the Hi hat pedal with your foot, just like when you play a Hi hat as usual, which would then pull the slide-plate down to the point where it pushes down the bottle top then you can sanitize your hands completely hands-free!!! Who would have thought that a Hi-hat stand would actually turn into a hand sanitizer stand, except a long existing drum manufacturer who has been always trying to offer something people might need? Although it is still nowhere near to an end to this pandemic we are pleased to be able to play a roll in combating the virus. We wish you all and your loved ones are safe and well and hope we will see a light at the end of the tunnel soon.

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Beautiful Drum background pictures for your Phone and a Desktop New Pearl Masters Maple Complete drummer wallpapers for your devices. Desktop IPad Phone 1024x768 1920x1080 2880x1800 IPad Retina Android (1080x1920) Samsung Galaxy 7 Samsung Galaxy 8,9 IPhone 6,7,8 IPhone X