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One of the biggest reason why leading artist established their status as elite drummers, is simply a well-honed "sensibility" for their exceptional sound making ability. But, often the artist’s thought process can be a mystery. We invited several cutting edge artists, and asked them to create their own unique and creative sounds by utilizing e/MERGE. The "Artist Collection" kits created by these leading artists can be downloaded below and reproduced in your own e/MERGE. Their sounds are no longer a mystery. These special sounds created from an infinite number of combinations based on their personal experience and sensibility will surely enrich your e/MERGE experience. 
(Additional artist kits will be coming soon.)

Artist Review Videos


The sound I wanted to achieve comes from 60’s to 70’s music.
It was not easy to bring them back by utilizing the acoustic drums, due to the adjustment of settings. Such as the drumkit, microphone, studio location, and especially the nuance of the sound. Though, I thought e/MERGE is a dream kit to achieve this goal.
As a result, the sound genre became like a ballade music but also usable in the hard rock. It has become the sound which I could strongly say “This is the TOSHI NAGAI’s drums!” So, I strongly wish you to download and try it out.

Artist Page; https://pearldrum.com/eu/artist/toshi-nagai/12836

Adam Tuminaro

The custom kit I've designed on the eMerge gives me an organic, crystal clear sound. I wanted my kit to be uniquely raw, and maintain plenty of character. But at the same time, I didn't want the kit to be so artistic that it's difficult to use in a variety of settings. My custom mix uses some of the dirtiest cymbals in the eMerge library, combined with ultra clean tom sounds, a punchy modern kick, and a super bright snare. This combo gives me a complex and expressive voice that I can use for funk, pop, hi-hop, and more!

You can watch the other videos that "Unboxing, Demo, and Review Mixing" and "My Custom Kit on the Pearl eMerge".

Artist Page; https://pearldrum.com/eu/artist/adam-tuminaro

Artist Kit Collection Software Download

Import External User Kit 
This loads the user drum kit data stored in USB flash drive to internal memory. Either a single drum kit or all drum kits can be loaded.




External..................................................................................... USER : No.xx, ALL KIT 
Select the source drum kit to load on the USB flash drive using the dial, and press the [SELECT] function button.

Internal ...................................................................................... USER: No.xx, ALL KIT 
Select the destination drum kit in internal memory using the dial. Press the ENTER button to execute. Press the EXIT button to cancel.

Make sure to format the USB flash drive on this module before use(See “USB MEMORY FORMAT”, p.57).

In order to use the user drum kit data downloaded from web site;
1. Insert the formatted USB flash drive to PC.  
2. Download the user kit file to PC.  
3. Copy the downloaded user kit file (user_kit.dat) into "System" folder of the USB flash drive.  
4. Insert the USB flash drive to the module.  


Note: Internal user kit will be overwritten. Choose the kit number that you allow to be deleted. 

Software OS Detail Download

Artist Kit

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Adam Tuminaro

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Adam Tuminaro

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