What do the different colors cams mean for the Eliminator series?

Bass drum pedals rely on the shape of the cam - round or offset, large or small - to give each pedal its characteristic action and feel. The Eliminator interchangeable cam system features six uniquely shaped cams:

  • The Black Cam is Pearl’s original linear-feel cam for smooth, well-balanced action.
  • The White Cam is also linear but larger in diameter for a lighter feel and increased power.
  • The Blue cam is offset & starts with a light feel at the beginning of the stroke & accelerates with speed & power upon impact.
  • The Red Cam is radically offset and provides great response for sensitive footwork and extreme power upon impact.
  • The Purple Cam provides aggressive acceleration for high power and response, second only to the Red Cam.
  • The Yellow Cam provides a slight inverse action. When maximum power is required, this is the cam of choice.