Cast Aluminum

Hybrid Exotic

Cast Aluminum

A Prestigious Drum for the Demanding Drummer.


Hybrid Exotic

Cast Aluminum

Pearl's Ultracast Aluminum shells are famous for their sonic combination of controlle overtone and cutting metal attack. The Hybrid Exotic Cast Aluminum 5mm/3mm/5mm milled shell provides superb sensitivity and ultra-wide dynamic range, from a whisper to a scream. 


Hybrid Exotic Cast Aluminum 14"x6.5" Snare

Hybrid Exotic Cast Aluminum 14"x5" Snare

Pearl Hybrid Exotic Cast Aluminum Snare Drums

Model Number
  • HEAL1465
  • HEAL1450

Beginning with an 8mm thick tube of solid, seamless metal, each Hybrid Exotic Cast Aluminum shell is slowly milled to 5mm at both edges (forming "Reinforcement Rings" for strength and added overtone control,) and 3mm at the center for increased resonance.

Their wide tuning spread makes them an extremely versatile primary snare for practically any application, but their low overtone crack makes them ideal for the recording environment.

Each 14” diameter snare is offered in both 5” and 6.5” depths and equipped with Pearl’s acclaimed SuperHoop II hoops, STL-100 lugs, SR-1000 strainer, Coated Ambassador batter head, and chrome hardware.

  • 14”x6.5”
  • 14”x5”

3mm Cast Aluminum w/ 5mm R-Rings


SuperHoop II


STL-100 chrome


Coated Ambassador


SPT-5047 Spin-Tight






UltraCast Aluminum Shell

Each Hybrid Exotic Aluminum shell starts as an 8mm cast tube that is slowly milled to 5mm at both edges and 3mm in the center. Overall strength, overtone control, and a wider tuning range is the result.


SuperHoop II Hoops

Optimum 2.3mm Triple-Flange hoops made for tuning integrity and maximum shell resonance in play.

SpinTight Tension Rods

This innovative and efficient "tension rod-within-a-tension rod" allows the rod to expand and lock into place within the swivel nut. Utilizing a special drum key, tunings can be controlled under high-impact play like never before. (Patent Pending)

Single STL Lugs

Pearl's lightest and most efficient tuning lug's floating swivel nut reduces hardware friction, contact, and weight while improving tuning and head tension. 

Glide-Lock Strainer

(US Patent #7220905, #7301087, #7365256.) Pearl’s SR-1000 Strainer includes a locking throw off lever and separate tension knob that won’t loosen no matter how hard you play. This low-friction technology permits smooth gliding action for ultra quiet, super precise motion.