Tuning key

Tuning Key

Tuning key


Tuning Key

Tuning key

Never leave home without your trusty drum key...



K-030 Tuning Key

Large drum key provides high torque for high-tension applications.

K-080 Tuning Key

Chrome plated drum tuning key features die-cast construction, Pearl logo, and balance beads on each side of the wide T-handle for better grip and controlled spin.

K-180 Tuning Key

The Pearl K-180 Spin-Tight Drum Key is made specifically for use with Pearl's Spin-Tight Tension Rods and features a key-ring and balanced action wing handles.

It's tension road receiver features an independent telescoping square head driver that docks into the recess in the top of each Spin-Tight Tension Rod. The spinning knob at the top allows you to tighten or loosen the "tension rod within a tension rod." This allows you to lock in even tuning across the head.

K-029 Tuning Key

The Pearl K-029 tuning key is perfect for seriously quick tuning or changing drum heads.