Double Pedal Drive Shafts

Drum Pedals Accessories

Double Pedal Drive Shafts

For Utility and Precision, Pearl Universal Drive Shafts Deliver Double-Bass Feel in a Single-Kick Format.


Drum Pedals Accessories

Double Pedal Drive Shafts

For the same, Zero-Latency feel from the Auxiliary pedal as the main bass drum pedal, the Pearl's Universal Drive Shafts feature precision construction that delivers like no other.


Z-Link (DS-300A) and PowerShifter (DS-230A) Universal Drive Shafts

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For the ultimate in double-pedal drive and feel, the machined aluminum construction of the Z-Link Universal Joint (DS-300A) features strict tolerances in every moving part to eliminate rattle, give, or play in performance. This assures a more precise stroke and matching feel from both pedals. 

Z-Link is included on all Demon Drive Double Pedals, and can be added to improve the performance of any Pearl Double Pedal.

Pearl's Standard Universal Drive Joint (DS-230A) is standard on all Eliminator and PowerShifter Double Bass Drum Pedals and features smooth, reliable joint flexibility and adjustable length.


13" (Minimum) 22" (Maximum)