Marching & Pipe Band Accessories

marching & pipe band accessories

Options & Accessories

marching & pipe band accessories

Options & Accessories

marching & pipe band accessories

Accessorize your playing with these necessary additions.

Carry Hooks and Level Bars

Pearl’s Carry Hooks and Level Bars facilitate the carriage of your drum in a secure and comfortable fashion. Compatible with Pearl’s SLG100 traditional sling, these highly durable components provide a lightweight and personalized solution to carrying your drum.

Leg Rest

The Leg Rest attaches to the tension rods of any marching snare or traditional tenor drum, comfortably resting the weight of the drum on your leg above the knee

Lalo Davila Quick Mount Rehearsal Pad

Designed in collaboration with Pearl Artist and acclaimed percussionist Lalo Davila, theQuick Mount Rehearsal Pad provides a convenient way to practice an excerpt or keep your hands warm. The small, 3.5" diameter pad stows away easilyand mounts to any 3/8" post for convenient positioning.


For Championship series. Extremely easy accessory to install using a simple drum key. The post adjustment itself can be done by hand, which means that drummer can fine-tune exactly where he wants the cymbal to be.


Increase your Snare Drum's sonority with Pearl's Sound Projectors! Designed to easily attach to the bottom hoop of your snare drum, these velcro-affixed 'scoops' are a great accessory for your battery. Pearl Sound Projectors are availablein 3 different colors (black &white) and 2 sizes (for 13" and 14" drums)

Rim Shooters

Pearl's BDR-1 is the perfect accessory for any bass drummer. Designed to protect the drum's hoop from damage during rim clicks, the BDR-1 also gives your rim clicks a bright, metallic sonority. Rubber sleeves protect yourhoop from the BDR-1's clamps. Protect your hoops from the wear and tear of rim clicks with the BDR-1!

Mallet Holders

Pearl's BMH-100Bass Drum Mallet Holdersare the perfect accessory for your bass drums. Featuring built-in rim shooters, the BMH-100 saves your bass drum hoops from the wear and tear of rim clicks. The BMH-100 also features 4 replaceable plastic clips to hold your mallets. Simply affix the Mallet Holder to your drum via the keybolts and wing-screws and you're ready to go!

CX Airframe 2

Available separately as add-ons for CX Airframe 2 Carriers, new CXU-PL-ST (Snare/Tenor) and CXU-PL-B (Bass) PLUS Size Shoulder Assemblies provide an overall expanded form factor from standard sized CX Airframe 2 Carriers, ensuring a comfortable fit for performers benefiting from the added space. Experience the difference in marching maneuvering with Pearl CX Airframe 2 Carriers.

CXSA-2 Snare Attachment

Pearl’s CXSA-2 snare attachment provides rigid mounting stability for all free-floating snares. The attachment has the ability to angle drums with full tilt-up function and lifts quickly off the J-rods when at rest.

Snare Attachment

MXSA-1/B Tilting Snare Mount Attachment is compatible with Pearl Marching Snare Drums and Pearl Marching Snare Carriers

SLG Triple Function Slings

Pearl’s SLG-100 and SLG-200 Triple Function Slings are designed for use with any traditionally-carried marching snare, single tenor, and bass drums. The SLG-100 can be worn as a conventional sling with a waist belt for added support and comfort, oras a sling with a waist belt with two attachment points for maximum stability during high-energy shows. Ideally suited for today’s pipe and traditional drumlines, the SLG-100 and SLG-200 Slings are designed to work with drums from all brands and fit players of all sizes.