New Products


New Products

New Products

2021 marks Pearl's 75th anniversary. The cornerstone of our new product development this year is the President Series that was inspired by the original President Series launched in 1966 and was the first drum set to carry the Pearl name. The shells, hardware, finishes, and logos deliver a vintage vibe and sound with modern functionality. Pearl offers more than 150 different snare drums. This year, we introduce a new signature model from Matt Halpern, new series like SensiTone Heritage Alloy, Duoluxe, and StaveCraft, and update the industry-leading Philharmonic Series. New hardware, hand percussion, and accessory items complete the list, and we invite you to explore all of our latest offerings to find an instrument right for you.

President Series Phenolic

The 75th Anniversary President Series Phenolic snare drum'simmaculate vintage style is a totally unique sonic time capsule. Retooled withmodern elements to commemorate this milestone in drum history, these extremely limited Diamond Jubilee Edition drums are a truly playable, highlycollectible prize for the fortunate few who will own them.

President Series Deluxe

From subdued to stratospheric, the guttural growl of President Series Deluxe snare drums speakswith a giving tonal push that digs deep into the groove.


Yielding solid shell tonal snare spike from a bright mix of hardwoods, Pearl's StaveCraft snare drums are the perfect fusion of old-world workmanship and new-school performance.


Yielding solid shell tonal snare spike from a bright mix of hardwoods, Pearl's StaveCraft snare drums are the perfect fusion of old-world workmanship and new-school performance.


Duoluxe is the world's first inlaid metal shell snare drum; combining Pearl's classic dual-beaded Chrome/Brass Jupiter snare alloy with two finish bands of Nicotine White Marine Pearl, for a singular look and sound.

Heritage Alloy Steel

Drawing from the original SensiTone promise of value and performance for the professional drummer, Heritage Alloy Steelsnare drums deliver a highly sensitive snap that recalls the chart-topping tones of yesterday.

Heritage Alloy Black/Brass

Drawing from the original SensiTone promise of value and performance for the professional drummer, Heritage Alloy Black Nickel-over-Brasssnare drums employ a 1mm Brassshell, the "go-to" shellcountless pro players rely on forultimate snare tone.

Heritage Alloy Aluminum

Drawing from the original SensiTone promise of value and performance for the professional drummer, Heritage Alloy Aluminum snare drums employ a 1.2mm seamless shell to deliver dry, focused crack with the right gig-ready touches.

Matt Halpern

The Pearl Matt Halpern Signature Snare's cutting, versatile Black/Brass shell delivers quick, responsive tone for aggressive drumming and serves a variety of styles and sounds with an expanded tuning range.


From Pearl's premium, tour-grade hardware range, the S-1030 Low Position Snare Stand features a fully adjustable dropped basket that mounts deeper snares and toms from 10" to 16" in diameter in any position.


From Pearl's premium, tour-grade hardware range, the B-1030C is the only Boom Cymbal Standfeaturing the unique positioning benefits of the Boomerang curved boom arm.


The Uni-Lock Closed Hi-Hat Holder puts a pair of closed hi-hat cymbals in easy reach practically anywhere in your set-up.


By attaching a pair of closed hi-hats directly to the top edge of any bass drum, the Pearl Bass Drum Hoop Mount Closed Hi-Hat Holder is excellent for added accents and multi-layered cymbal stacks.


From Pearl's premium, tour-grade hardware range, the CH-1030C is the only cymbal system featuring the unique positioning benefits of the Boomerang curved boom arm.


Pearl's Bass Drum Hoop Mount Cymbal Holder lets you mount a cymbal to your bass drum without added brackets or drilling into the shell.


Pearl's Bass Drum Shell Mount Cymbal Holder mounts a cymbal to your bass drum for a clean, classic look and easy access without an added cymbal stand.


Skip the added stands and let your hardware work for you, with Pearl's Uni-Lock Boom Microphone Holder. Its multi-angle quickset clamp attaches to any available support stand with ease, letting you place mics in hard-to-reach places around the drum set.


The Uni-Lock Boom Microphone Holder lets you mount microphones around the drum set with the feel and function of Pearl's award-winning hardware. Excellent for use with multiclamps or rack systems, it features a solid multi-angle arm that's mountable in straight or boom position.

Natural Nut Shakers

The Awakening Series has been expanded to include a series of natural nut shakers that provide earthy tones that complement the series. Kenari, Bendo, and Pangi nuts range in size from small, medium, and large and each size possesses unique sound properties that are utilized in the shakers. Kenari nuts are the smallest and their hard triangular exterior becomes a miniature sound chamber when played. The Kenari Nut Windchime features 26 strands of Kenari nuts with 6 nuts per strand. The Kenari Nut Shaker is 7” long and features 22 strands of nuts with 6 nuts per strand and a 5” nylon wrapped Rattan handle. The new Kenari Nut Bracelet Shaker features 14 individually strung Kenari nuts that can be worn by musicians to layer sounds while playing instruments like guitar or cajon.

Tube Extender

The Pearl TX-125 Tube Extender is an 8.25" chrome plated extension that was originally designed to extend the height of the Travel Conga and Travel Bongo stands, for taller players. The Tube Extender will also work with any stand that accepts 1" tubing.

Philharmonic Solid Maple

Each PHM Philharmonic Snare Drum is hand-formed from a single ply of fully aged prime Maple to achieve the pinnacle of concert snare drum attack, response, dynamics and tonal color in one instrument.

Philharmonic 8-Ply Maple

PHP Philharmonic 100% ply Maple shell delivers the power to be heard with dark, full tonal response that has become the preferred sound of orchestras and artists around the world.

Philharmonic 20-Ply Maple/Birch

The newest drum in the Philharmonic series is the amazing 20-ply, 18mm thickMaple/BirchPHTRF model drums. These 20-ply drums produce the most articulate and cutting response from the entire Philharmonic Series and producean immediate presence in any hall. Made for the next generation, these incredible drums feature Pearl’s famous STL lugs, Die-Cast hoops, and the all-new and improved SR505 Triad Silent Strainer plated in lustrous Nickel. Each drum shell is hand finished in a classic #359 Twilight Burst, or the unique #187 Silver White Swirl.

Philharmonic Pancake

The newest—and smallest—member of the Philharmonic snare drum line-up, the Philharmonic Pancake Snare Drum was created to meet the growing demand for a solo and audition drum that could be “whisper quiet” and professional grade for years of use.

Philharmonic Cast Aluminum

The Philharmonic Cast Aluminum Snare Drum offers a warmth and richness similar to wood, but with the increased brightness and attack characteristic of metal shell snare drums. These incredible drums represent state-of-the-art design and craftsmanship, allowing the player unprecedented control over the tone, dynamics and performance of the instrument

Philharmonic Beaded Brass

Pearl’s line of Brass Philharmonic drums offers a bright, highly focused, well-balanced tone perfect for situations needing more volume and projection.

Philharmonic African Mahogany

The Philharmonic African Mahogany Series Snare and Field Drums add a classic American sound to the existing Philharmonic lineup. Consisting of a 4-ply African Mahogany Shell, these drums provide a dark and throaty sound that will fit with a wide range of musical styles and genres.

Travel Timbales Bag

The Pearl Travel Timbales are connected by a hinge that allows the drums to fold into the size of a single drum and fit into the Travel Timbales Bag for easy transportation and storage. The padded bag features a three zipper closure, shoulder strap and handle and is constructed from heavy duty black nylon. The Travel Timbales Bag also has a pouch for your keys and tuning wrench.

Travel Timbales Stand Bag

The Pearl Travel Timbales are perfect for the gigging percussionist and the Travel Timbales Stand Bag is designed to make carrying your gear a breeze. The padded Travel Timbales Stand Bag measures 36" x 9" x 3" and will protect the stand during transport. The bag is constructed of heavy duty black nylon with a zipper top and handle.