Drum Thrones



Drum Thrones


Following three years of exhaustive research and development, Pearl’s professional Roadster thrones have been updated to give drummers the right support where it is needed most.


The difference lies in each Multi-Core throne top. Using multiple layers of varied density foam that wrap around the surface of the cushion, Multi-Core’s ergonomic design and computer-tempered surface provides support to ease joint pressure during long sessions.


Models include the D-3500 Multi-Core saddle-style throne (available solo or with a fully adjustable backrest), round cushion Multi-Core models with shaping peaks to ease pressure, and the revolutionary D-1500TGL Trilateral Gas Lift throne, which delivers the feel of both round and saddle cushions depending on how they are mounted by the drummer.


The D-1500S Throne will adjust to the lowest seated position of any current Roadster model.


Drum Thrones



Essential for extended and efficient performance, Pearl Roadster thrones feature advanced ergonomic design and a selection of computer-tempered cushion tops to provide support and ease joint pressure during long sessions. Made specifically for a lower profile ride, the D-1500 features a donut-shaped Multi-Core Foam cushion, with multiple layers of varied density foam for better playing  and improved feel. Its durable tripod includes Pearl's exclusive Lock/Spin System, allowing the cushion to be secured in place or free spinning depending on preference. 


15" Diameter Round Cushion.


Accepts Optional DTBR-1535 Backrest.


445 - 615mm (17.5" - 24.2")


Round Cushion

15" diameter round cushion consisting of Multi-Core stacked variable density foam provides superior comfort and support.

Lock / Spin System

Reversible StopLock allows cushion to be secured in place or free spinning depending on preference.

Optional Detachable Backrest

Breathable, form fitting, and mounts via a single knob for essential back support.