Music City Custom Drums


Making Your Dream Drums a Reality.

Get an exclusive look at our Music City Custom process and see how we can create drums to your specifications in record time.

Music City Custom Series Drums
  • Choice of Four Shell Types

    Reference, Reference Pure, Masters Maple Reserve, Masters Maple Gum

  • 35 Tour Ready Finishes

    Made by Delmar USA, hand applied with time tempered precision.

  • Assembled in the USA

    Hand assembled and inspected. Guaranteed by our unbeatable Warranty.


Choose the Recipe that Defines your Sound.

The vast projection of Reference, near field vibe of Reference Pure, classic tones of Masters Maple Reserve, or studio proven sound of Masters Maple/Gum.

  • The Music City Shell Bank

    An active stock of player preferred sizes in each shell recipe.

  • From the Masterworks Vault

    Each shell recipe is selected from premium Masterworks hardwoods.

  • Sound Sculpting Edges

    Reference and Masters recipe shells have unique edge profiles.