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New Electronic Drum kit e/MERGE x SHINYA

Electronic drums have been evolving in a daily basis. Its completeness has no difference between the acoustic drums. But in other hand, electronic drum’s usage in the live performance is very low surprisingly. The number of usages significantly differs as the size of the stage gets larger. At this point, the electronic drums are surely positioned at the “sub” of the acoustic drums. The bands which have succeeded in Japan aren’t so many. The Japanese band “LUNA SEA” is one of the succeeded bands in Japan, and its drummer SHINYA has done a live performance in front of over 30,000 audience. The interesting fact about this live is that he used “electronic drums” throughout a whole stage. Studying and adopting the technologies as a drum manufacturer, absolute “fusion” with acoustic and digital have created the completely new concept electronic drum “e/MERGE.” It has supported SHINYA throughout all the songs at the live and proved the definite quality to all the audience who have participated at the live. (In our understanding) There’s no past evidence of arena class live performance that has been done with a single electronic drum for all songs. And this evidence proves that e/MERGE has no bear comparison between the acoustic drums of its performance in the entire band sound. Why did SHINYA, who is obsessed about the drums comparing to the other drummer, has chosen the e/MERGE on such a big stage like this? Looking to his internal, there was his belief as a professional drummer, a positive attitude towards challenging to the new things, and the sure potential that e/MERGE could make them real. With e/MERGE, you can freely change the tone quality, and the musical quality of the live has improved. --- SHINYA SHINYA Special Drum Seminar held at ESP Entertainment Tokyo Main Building B1 Hall on Sunday, November 27th. It became a fulfilling content to know the innovation of e/MERGE of its looks, function, and the sound. There were talks about unreleased new e/MERGE products with the Pearl's development staff, a real voice of live sound engineers, and SHINYA playing along with LUNA SEA's songs. Now, we are introducing some of the details of the seminar. -The first impression of playing e/MERGE- “It’s been already a couple years since after when I first played the e/MERGE. I was so surprised about its amazing quality. It reflected out my expression properly which was the sound I wanted to play on the snare drum, toms, and even a bass drum with soft and loud touches. That is why I thought the e/MEGRE might bring the sound better than the acoustic drums through the speakers. As you know, most guitarist often switch around their guitars on the live performances, selecting by the songs they play. I mean, by switching to another guitar, they can express several nuances or expressions immediately. But drummers can't do that easily. Because it is not easy to switch around the drum sets during the live performance like guitars. The only way we can do about this struggle was to switch our snare drums. At the previous recording session using an e/MERGE, we got some great matched sounds for our songs. Because I wanted the sound to go along with the song on this live performance, I choose the e/MERGE which was the best solution to the drummer’s struggle”, one of Japan's leading drummers, SHINYA said. “The e/MERGE is an instrument that changes its sound when the player changes. And, adding the 'Shell' makes the sound fuller rich sound." -Perspective from engineers- During the seminar, Mr. Akihito Takegawa of Pearl, who has involved in the development of this set, took the stage, and shared the secret story of the development of the new set with SHINYA. “When I first hit the e/MERGE, I immediately wanted to use it. The feel of the kick was amazing. "Starting with this encounter, SHINYA introduced e/MERGE, and eventually wants to make a set entirely with the e/MERGE. Next, Mr. Hisaaki Komatsu, who is in charge of PA at the live, also took the stage. He talked about the advantages of e/MERGE from the perspective of a PA saying "The same sound can be played at any venue. It's very easy to use as a PA, and I think it's the ideal drum set." SHINYA also said, "If the drums doesn't sound a solid sound which becomes a bass of sound, the PA can't create a sound. e/MERGE contains that sound." “I was very surprised when I heard from Mr. SHINYA that he was going to play the electronic drums on the live performance at the time." He also said, "As I was selecting the sounds, I realized the original tones of e/MERGE were really excellent. It has loaded other sounds very quickly, and very easy to customize to match the parts of the songs. So, everything went well smoothly." Mr. Komatsu, who is one of the great engineers in Japan, said. SHINYA said, “as a matter of fact, I did the sound check at the stadium the day before the live performance. During the time, I heard the full sound of e/MERGE from the big speakers in the stadium for the first time. All the sound of cymbals, bass drums, snare drum, and toms were crystal clear, well-defined, and each drums sounds individually. Because the sound was prominently beautiful, everyone around there, including me, were so excited at the time. Most drummers understand that the sound what they hear on the stage and the sound coming out from the speakers with guitars and bass mixed up are different. That is why, we truly trust our engineers. And this time after the live show, engineers said "the sound of e/MERGE was absolutely great!" I really thanked both e/MERGE and engineers after the show.” -One-of-a-kind- “If two drummers play the same e/MERGE on the same condition, the sound coming out from the e/MERGE would be different due to their playstyle, technique, sticks, and heads. I feel like e/MERGE is a “MODERN” acoustic drum. As a drummer the time latency of the electronic drum makes us sometimes upset. Because of the difference between the sound of our recognition and the actual sound. But I have never felt the same thing when I play the e/MERGE. To prove it, playing two bass drums, one in acoustic and the other in e/MERGE, these balances were great! As if I was playing the acoustic bass drums for both at the time. Also, I have been trying many attempts to investigate the sound I want on the e/MERGE. Those are like changing the heads or the sticks to hear the difference in sounds. Actually, there was a difference in the sound, and that recognized me the e/MERGE is a “MODERN” acoustic drum even more. If I could only have one drum set, I would choose the e/MERGE. I can play it at home, at the recording, and can be used in huge arenas, too. I have proved it and were no problem in the huge arena like Saitama-Super Arena. If you have never played any electronic drums, I want you to give it a shot. I absolutely believe, you will say "What an amazing kit! I have never played like this before!" And as you know very well, all the tom stands, and the other hardware are made by Pearl. They are so durable and reliable!” SHINYA also said. -Additional Information- During the seminar, he played the Real-Look e/MERGE which was used at latest LUNA SEA's live performance. At the same time, this kit was unveiled to the world for the first time. SHINYA did minus-one performance, also he explained about his kit with LUNA SEA's PA and Pearl's development staff in public. It was probably quality time for all the audience. SHINYA's Artist Kit is now available. Go check the URL below to see the more additional information. We will be soon publishing another news about this seminar. Stay tuned! Please note: This SHINYA's kit with copper finish is currently still prototype, stay tuned for updates. Thank you very much for your kind understanding. Artist Kit Collection SHINYA’s Artist Page Special Thanks: Rittor Music Photos: Keishi Sawahira

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Bringing the Artist to you.

e/MERGE Bringing the Artist to you. Get a Free One-on-One Masterclass with a Top Artist Already for 75 years, Pearl has been working on bringing the best musical experience to drummers around the world. To support you in present troubling times Pearl Europe teamed up with some of our international Top Artists to offer you something unqiue! When you buy a Pearl e/MERGE drum kit -- you will get a one-hour personal drum lesson as a gift! The drum lesson will be on-line by one of the Top Pearl artists below. Select the artist you want to take lesson from and contact Pearl Europe at [email protected] with the proof of the purchase and serial number of the module. Valid: Starting today until March 31st 2021. Exclusive selected e/MERGE dealers: Thomann – Drum-Tec – Just Music – Musik Produktiv – PPC – Andertons – Gear4Music – Key Music – Maatwerk in Drums – Bax-Shop -- Musical Box – Merula – Tam-Tam Percussion – Alfasoni - La Baguetterie – Woodbrass – La Boîte aux Rythmes – Dirk Brand Genre: (prog)rock, jazz, pop, metal Lesson available in language(s): English German Social media links: Quick introduction: As a versatile all-rounder you can see/hear Dirk Brand performing on many international Drum-Festivals and working with tons of famous international artists from all types of genres and music styles and all over the world. For instance as an official band member of famous German metal group Axxis he toured all over the world and played at famous Wacken Open Air, Bang Your Head, Masters of Rock (CZ), and many more festivals. With Belgium dance super group Milk Inc. he is playing at some of the biggest dance festivals around and collaborations with mega stars like SEAL or A-ha happened. And in China and Japan he played with Marty Friedman from Megadeath and Japanese Keyboard wizard Tatsuya Nishiwaki! In 2015 he joined German prog-rock group "Subsignal" and recorded several highly acclaimed albums. Some albums were voted No.1 at many international genre specific radio stations and music magazines, and got nominated for best Prog-Rock Album in 2015 & 2018. As an on-demand drummer he played also many musicals like "Evita", "Linie 1", „Feet of the Flames" or "Hair"… just to name a few. Dirk Brand is author of highly acclaimed drum books "1000 Faces of Drum Styles", "Future Drumming", "Chart Reading" and "Pocket Rhythms for Drums" and also a DVD "A Band Concept". For German drum magazine „Drums&Percussion" he writes a monthly column about „Electronic and Hybrid Drumming" and “Double Bass Drum Playing”. As an international clinician and product specialist he has demonstrated and performed all over the World, sharing his wide style of different drumming skills on tons of drum festivals, like: TamTam Festival (Spain), Warsaw Drum Festival (Poland), Drums&Percussion Paderborn (Germany), Bag’Show (France), India, Vietnam, Singapore, Music Russia, Music Fair Norway, Music China, Malaysia, Dresdner Drum Festival (Germany), Drummer Meeting Koblenz (Germany) and many many more. Dirk Brand is also closely working together with Pearl Drums for their electronic systems, like: e/MERGE and MIMIC Pro. For 8 years he has been a member of the Westfälische Wilhelms University in Münster and since 2009 he is the Drum Department Head of the Rock-, Jazz-, Pop-, Academy called short RPJam in Gießen close to Frankfurt. How I Can Help: I have in-depth knowledge about the e/MERGE, am product specialist already for 20+ years when it concerns e-kits, am also a very versatile drummer, therefore completely flexible and open to talk about any drum topic you wish to know more about. For the lesson I will use: e/MERGE Drum Kit several cameras, therefore being able to create different perspectives Pearl artist page for more info and details: Miguel Lamas Genre: Fusion, pop Lesson available in language(s): English Spanish Social media links: Quick introduction: Miguel Lamas (Ferrol/Spain, 1993) is a Latin Grammy Award winning drummer and playing drums already from 4 years old. He has worked live and in studio with artists like Dani Martín, Melendi, Amaia Montero, Miriam Rodriguez, Abraham Mateo, Maldita Nerea, David DeMaría, Zahara, O'Funk'Illo, David Bustamante, Soraya Arnelas, Lérica, Andrés Suárez, Tomasito, Juanito Makandé, Pepe Bao, Canijo de Jerez, Lin Cortés, Nani Cortés... just to name a few. Sa far he released two solo albums and also an album with his trio together with Raynald Colom & Jorge Vera. He performed at some of the greatest drum events around the world, like: The UK Drum Show (UK), Bag’Show (France), TamTam Drumfest (Spain), Meinl Drumfest (Germany), La Rioja Drumfest (Spain), NAMM Show (USA), ZonaSoul (Argentina), Clinic Days (Peru)... and many others. Also did he share his expertise during several online lessons at How I Can Help: There are for sure some points that I‘d like to bring to your attention: Timing, Sound, Creativity and Precision. But I am also completely flexible and open to talk about any drum topic you wish to know more about. For the lesson I will use: e/MERGE Drum Kit several cameras, therefore being able to create different perspectives Pearl artist page for more info and details: Riccardo Merlini Genre: Rock, pop, metal Lesson available in language(s): English Italian Social media links: Quick introduction: Italian drummer, fastest hands on the planet, graduated at Conservatory, student of Mike Mangini in Boston, teacher, clinician, awarded world fastest drummer who discovered and developed the fastest hands technique reaching 400BPM with single stroke roll with drum sticks and 300BPM with bare hands. High profile and international renowned drummers from all over the world take lessons from Riccardo, like: superstar percussionist Eric Bobo (Cypress Hill), Mike Reid (drummer of Janet Jackson, Rhianna) and many others from around the world. How I Can Help: My technique is very useful and teachable to anyone from the first approach and it's very useful for every kind of expression and style on the drum set or percussions. It helps to reach more flexibility of wrist and fingers. Developing the right movements for a better control and grip functionality. My intention during this lesson would therefore be to explain you how my Super Fast Hands Technique works, at least for the first half an hour. I’ll show you many examples and give you exercises to develop and understand the benefits of this innovative method that helps you reach the fastest single strokes possible in a natural way, without tricks or shortcuts. Also I’d like to introduce to you one of my favorite tutorials: Hands&Feet Extreme Coordination… a system that I created to develop crazy independence and control of your limbs. But of course I’m also open to other requests like: just Double Pedal exercises (Doubles, Heel/Toe Technique, Singles…), Time Keeping especially at fast tempos, Chops etc… I speak English (C2 Level) and of course Italian. For the lesson I will use: e/MERGE Drum Kit iPhone 11PRO front view Mac Book Pro Action Cam HD for my feet Pearl artist page for more info and details: Cédric Hilaire Genre: Rock, pop, fusion, alternative Lesson available in language: French Social media links: Quick introduction: "Cédric Hilaire a commencé à faire de la batterie ainsi que ses premiers concerts à l'âge de 17 ans. Il écume les scènes européennes avec différents projets (Zetlaskars, EARL, Fouad Nohra, Kulbuto, Konami Code, Bonobo Circus, Ape’s O Clock, Tomawok...) et cumule près de 900 concerts. En parallèle, le batteur développe une passion pour la pédagogie. Il rejoint l’écurie Yamaha en tant que professeur (la Yamaha Popular Music School près de Rennes) à l’âge de 23 ans et y donne des cours particuliers et collectifs pendant plus de 10 ans. En 2014 Cédric a créé son école de batterie en ligne, D-Click Online, pour transmettre ses connaissances et sa vision de l’enseignement au plus grand nombre. Il a déjà prodigué ses conseils à plus de 300 élèves à travers le monde. En 2019 il a construit son studio, le Studio DCO, pour pouvoir acceuillir des batteurs en stage sur un ou plusieurs jours pour qu'ils puissent progresser le plus efficacement possible dans un confort optimal. Depuis ce studio il diffuse aussi des vidéos pédagogiques sur sa chaîne Youtube (25 000 abonnés) ainsi que pour sa rubrique mensuelle "Les cours de Cédric Hilaire" dans le magazine spécialisé ‘Batterie Magazine’.” How I Can Help: I am completely flexible and open to talk about any drum topic you wish to know more about… e/MERGE, it’s module, bass drum techniques, coordination, groves, and so on… Whether you are a beginner or an expert, I enjoy teaching to all levels, all styles and all ages and am a competent and very experienced drum teacher that will meet your expectations. For the lesson I will use: e/MERGE Drum Kit several cameras, therefore being able to create different perspectives Pearl artist page for more info and details: Jason Bowld Genre: Rock, metal, urban Lesson available in language: English Social media links: Quick introduction: “Hey there! I’m Jase the drummer for Bullet For My Valentine of which I’ve been part of for the last five years now. I’ve toured worldwide at a stadium level for a long long time now and prior to Bullet. Some bands I have played with include Pitchshifter, Killing Joke, Fightstar not to mention Axewound - a cool side project with myself and Bullet singer Matt. I’m a keen educator too, being a writer for Rhythm magazine for the last 14 years and also having played many drum clinics worldwide. I teach privately/remotely from my home studio where I also compose music for T.V. sync purposes - Is there anything I can’t do? Well yes - I’m terrrrrible at Golf and you could deffo kick my ass at Crochet’ I hope to see you in 2021 when we tour our brand new Bullet album which features some of my deadliest drumming. Peace x" How I Can Help: In your lesson with me, I can cover subjects such as: double-kick, linear drumming, fill/groove ideas, rock, funk and Drum ‘n Bass - I can also teach Nu-fusions of world styles fused with modern styles that you love that will also further your technique. For the lesson I will use: e/MERGE Drum Kit several cameras, therefore being able to create different perspectives Pearl artist page for more info and details: Kai Hahto Genre: Rock, metal Lesson available in language(s): English Finnish Social media links: Quick introduction: Kai started playing the drums at the age of 6. Since he was 13 years old, he started playing in local bands till late 80’s… and after in the 90’s he got his name cemented in especially international heavy metal drum community as being part of Rotten Sound. But Kai also played with more Blues/Rock and Dixieland/Street Jazz music styled bands. Since Kai wanted to expand his technical abilities even more, he moved to New York for one Summer in 2002. His teachers were: Freddy Gruber, Joe Morello, Jim Chapin and John Riley and gave him a completely new direction in technique and drum set control. In 2004, Kai marked a new chapter in his life by co-founding Wintersun. And in 2009, he also became part of Swallow the Sun, having him record two studio albums with them and playing hundreds of shows around the world. In between touring, he has also been very active in the studio as a drum tech/tuning guy for bands like Nightwish, Children Of Bodom, Ensiferum… just to name a few… This leads us to 2014 when he was asked by Nightwish to play on their new album “Endless Forms Most Beautiful” and join on their upcoming worldwide tour… and he has been with Nightiwsh as official band member ever since. Kai has done tons of clinics and masterclasses, and has been highly acclaimed because of his live, studio and teaching work. How I Can Help: Get up close and personal with ‘one to one’ industry professional tuition. The lesson is designed around you to your needs. I will design your lesson using the information you provide me regarding your skill level be it beginner, intermediate or advanced. The number of years you’ve been playing, your favourite styles, your age, techniques and styles you wish to develop will all be factored into your lesson alongside insightful advice on becoming a session player (live and in the studio) and a stadium level live drummer. For the lesson I will use: e/MERGE Drum Kit several cameras, therefore being able to create different perspectives Pearl artist page for more info and details:



Get Inspired. Masters Maple Complete drums are available in five premium stock finishes that represent your uncompromised aesthetic. In addition to the five finishes, now Pearl offers you a 2020 limited finish "Bronze Oyster" available in 2 shell pack configurations below. MCT923XSP/C incudes 22" Bass Drum,12" Rack Tom,16" Floor Tom and a Bass Drum Muffler MCT924XSP/C incudes 22" Bass Drum,10" Rack Tom,12" Rack Tom,16" Floor Tom and a Bass Drum Muffler



Modern Utility 6 Ply 100% Maple Snare Drum Offered in a Limited Finish "Baccara Rose" with Black Parts Available Sizes are 12"x7" 13"x5" 14"x5.5" 14"x6.5" 14"x8"



Modern Utility 6 Ply 100% Maple Snare Drum Offered in 2 Limited Finishes "Blue Mirage" and "Bay Stallion". Available Sizes are 12"x7" 13"x5" 14"x5.5" 14"x6.5" 14"x8"



Big Gig, Small Rig, Huge Sound. On top of 3 stock colors, Pearl has offered a Limited Finish "Orange Crush" now available in stores. Play on the orange glitter gear and stand out on a stage, in a studio and on a Street. Midtown Orange Crush MDT764P/C738 is a shell pack including 16" Bass Drum w/lifter, 10" Tom Tom w/OptiLock/Tom Arm, 13" Floor Tom and 13" Snare Drum. Hardware and Cymbals are not included.



The Legends of Tomorrow, Play Export Today. The Best selling drum set of all time is now offered in a "Purple Nebula" limited finish! Two configurations are available. EXX705NBR/C737 includes 20" Bass Drum (with a muffler), 10" and 12" Rack Tom,14" Floor Tom, 14" Snare Drum, 830 series Hardware Pack, and SABIAN sbr cymbal pack. EXX725SBR/C737 includes 22" Bass Drum (with a muffler), 10" and 12" Rack Tom,16" Floor Tom, 14" Snare Drum, 830 series Hardware Pack, and SABIAN sbr cymbal pack

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Drum Pedal NEW Pearl Eliminator Solo pedal For the reliable play of the working drummer. In 2020, Pearl is introducing Eliminator Solo bass drum pedals which deliver all the speed and performance of the original Eliminator, but in a single cam option. The Eliminator Solo: Black features the focused feel of the circular Linear Action (Black) Cam. Its slightly weighted feel and resistance-free footboard deliver traditional feel, power and speed with less muscle fatigue. The contrasting Eliminator Solo: Red delivers a lighter, fluid feel thanks to the Radical Progressive Action (Red) Cam. Best suited for the high-speed play, its sharp Cam angle increases rebound for a lightning fast, accurate stroke. New Pearl 930 Series Single-Braced Stands Boasting the same sturdy tubing and tier joints as their double-braced counterparts, Pearl’s new 930 Series Single Braced Hardware is an excellent choice for the gigging drummer on the move. Using the high-function and durability of the 930 Series stands, the Cymbal (C930S,) Cymbal Boom (BC930S,) and Snare (S930S,) stands are built to stand up to rigorous gigging and play with dramatically reduced weight. New Pearl 1030 Series Double-Braced Hi-Hat Stand Boasting the same sturdy tubing and tier joints as Pearl’s 930 Series stands, the new double-braced H1030 Series Hi-Hat stand is now available as a counterpart to Pearl’s new Eliminator: Solo bass drum pedals. Its smooth, traditional footboard performs with resistance-free precision, while the independent Trident tripod is positioned separate from the pedal frame to easily accommodate double bass drum pedals. New Pearl Unilock Arm & Leg Adapter The UniLock Arm & Leg Cymbal adapter (CHA70) is a multi-positional cymbal arm that creates quick, easy cymbal expansion around the drum set. The boom arm’s gearless Uni-lock tilter adjusts to practically any angle. Exceptional for working drummers who want to extend the use of existing gear in tight spaces. Percussion Ever Popular Travel Congas Redesigned Updated Pearl Travel Congas features 3.5” deep wood shells that deliver maximum portability and sound. Like traditional congas they utilize stave construction and feature real size Quinto, Conga and Tumba heads. Tuning the Remo Symmetry heads is effortless with five precision Allen tuning bolts and the included wrench. The newly redesigned Travel Congas also have a newly designed stand. New Travel Bongos Introducing the new Travel Bongos that are small enough, they fit comfortably in a backpack. Pearl Travel Bongos feature 3.5” deep wood shells that deliver maximum portability and sound. The new Travel Bongos stand features a gear tilter to put your drums at the right angle and utilizes a tension lever mounting system that securely locks your drums in place. Each stand includes a travel bag with shoulder strap, so your stands are as portable as the Travel Bongos. Accessories New Aluminum Trap Table Ideal for indoor and outdoor use, this spacious table has room for a surprising number of sticks, mallets and percussion instruments. Side walls prevent mallets from rolling off. The table is finished in gray powder coating, while the Chrome stand features black powder coated, double braced legs and a memory lock. New Tongue Drum Bag From percussion ensembles, elementary music instruction, solo performance, yoga instruction and drum circles, tongue drums are always on the go. This nylon bag is padded on the top, bottom and sides to fully protect your drum and ensure safe transportation. It also has a zippered pouch on the side for your mallets or personal items.



See all the new 2020 colour options Pearl Drums introduces this year in Europe. We are pleased to announce that we’ve expanded the stock colour line up by 12 exciting new finishes available for 7 different drum series all the way from Export to Reference. For the demanding Pearl Reference Pure drummer, we chose a sophisticated Satin Rose Gold finish. Lavishly equipped with every refinement of design, that kit is just reach-for-your-camera-spectacular. Another addition to the Reference Pure finish range is Osiria Rose Stripe. It was inspired by the aforementioned stunning rose featuring bordeaux red combined with contrasting white stripes. One more completely new finish in Pearl’s history is Turquoise Pearl, now available as a Pearl Reference stock colour option for the unmistakable stage presence. For our legendary Masters Maple Reserve series, we are introducing two new finishes: brilliantly looking Red Burst Triband and charming Light Amber. In turn, Pearl Masters Maple Complete stock finishes now include Almond Red Stripe, an elegant and versatile colour choice, as well as delightful Satin Sakura Coral. The idea for the new Chrome Contrail finish came from the line-shaped clouds that are left behind by aircraft engine exhaust. The best-selling drum kit of all time – Pearl Export has received a new classic Matte White colour option.Previously available only in USA, Black Mirror Chrome is now a part of the European Session Studio Select colour range. Imagine the stage lights reflecting off that kit! If you love neutrals, you’ll appreciate the new lacquer Satin Gold Meringue finish for the Decade Maple series. Inspired by outdoors, the Deep Forest Burst finish features dark green and black fades. Series New 2020 Stock Colours Discontinued Colours Reference #736 Turquoise Pearl Reference Pure #843 Osiria Rose Stripe #844 Satin Rose Gold Masters Maple Reserve #842 Light Amber #839 Red Burst Triband #347 Bombay Gold Sparkle Masters Maple Complete #837 Chrome Contrail #838 Satin Sakura Coral #840 Almond Red Stripe #351 Satin Natural Burst #427 Bright Champagne Sparkle Session Studio Select #766 Black Mirror Chrome Decade Maple #213 Deep Forest Burst #215 Satin Gold Meringue #229 White Satin Pearl #228 Solid Yellow Export #735 Matte White #700 Arctic Sparkle



A list of banging drummer gifts for any occasion and budget Searching for a Christmas gift could be a daunting task for anyone, but no worries, we are here for you. On a positive note though, you know he/she likes drumming so that already narrows down your options! We’ve prepared this gift guide to fit any budget and make sure that what you are getting is something they actually want. 1. Compact Traveler drum kit This portable drum kit is a perfect gift for drummers on-the-go. It’s so small you can set it up and play literally everywhere! From a toilet to a volcano. So gigs in tiny venues are not an issue anymore. Check out the latest price on Amazon. TIP. Professional drummers use it for warming up. 2. Drum Rug Drum carpets are super handy if you want your drum kit to stay in one place or establish your space on a stage (considering everyone seems to be determined to put their guitar stands and amps on it). TIP. Feel romantic? Place it in front of your fireplace 3. Spin-Tight Tension Rods Highly recommended for every drummer who has a thing for innovative solutions and gadgets. This is a set-and-forget kind of accessory. So, you don’t need to worry about your drum tuning going AWOL during the high-impact playing (hitting like crazy). TIP. Makes life so much easier 4. Multi tool This tool is essential for all gigging drummers. It has a drum tuning key bit as well as variety of other tools and sizes. Compatible with any drum kit and it looks rad too! TIP. Tool number 13 is a bottle opener 5. Throne Thumper This is the ultimate low-end feel machine that attaches directly under any throne. Powered by an included 200-watt amp, this drum throne shaker will make your seat vibrate in perfect sync with all the low-end thunder your kit puts out as you play. So you can literally FEEL every beat. TIP. “Not only boosts your bottom-end but your confidence too”



Please welcome our new LIMITED EDITION drum set. This November we are thrilled to show you our newest creation - Pearl Masters Maple Complete in Maple Echelon finish. This is a limited edition drum set, available in only 20 pieces, so make sure you get one until they are gone! This 5-piece kit consists of a 22"x18" Bass drum, 10"x7", 12"x8" Toms and 14"x12", 16"x14" Floor Toms. We have matching snares available too, both 14"x5.5" and 14"x6.5"! MCT925XEP/C845 SHELL EvenPly Six (6-ply 5.4mm) 100% Maple Shells HEADS Remo UT Pinstripe Tom, Ported UT Powerstroke3 Remo Heads HOOPS SuperHoop II Hoops LUGS CL Bridge Lugs

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In honor of the La Baguetterie's Anniversary we created a very special snare In honor of the La Baguetterie's 40th Anniversary we collaborated with an internationally well-known artist - Werner "Nash" Zwakhalen to create this exceptional snare drum with the one of a kind design. The snare is manufactured from a single steam-bent piece of premium-grade Maple into a strong and beautiful sounding drum. Happy birthday La Baguetterie! We wish you prosperity and success for years to come!