Jean-Pierre Dalmassy

Jean-Pierre Dalmassy

Jean-Pierre Dalmassy


Jean-Pierre Dalmassy


Country:   France Category:   DRUMSET ARTISTS


Jean-Pierre Dalmassay has been fascinated by Jazz and musical improvisation for a very long time.

He studied drums with different professors as José Baron, Ken Dellage, Peter Erskine, Billy Hart, M. Brecker, Herbie Hancock, Trilok Gurtu, C. Coréa, Dennis Chambers,...


First, to keep learning, he travelled around Africa to improve his style, “Tribal Rhythm”.

Then he went to Cuba and met Maria Marguarita Ponce (Higher Studies in the Academy of Havana), professor of Horacio El Negro Hernandez, and played with Enrike Pla, Irakere’s drummer.

He visited Louisiana to go back to the origins of Jazz, and Asia to understand the sense of detail and learn how to always be closer to perfection.

In 2005, he also travelled around South America, Trinidad and Tobago, Venezuela,…

2010 Thailand, 2012 Mexico

He is considered being a researcher, a drum's innovator.


Thanks to his qualities as a musician, he makes people travel all over the world.

With sensitivity, emotion, virtuosity and independence from standards but always serving music, Jean-Pierre succeeded in developing his own style. 


Jean-Pierre has a great talent for improvisation which permitted him to take parts in a lot of Masterclasses with several different musicians as Enrike Pla, Dennis Chambers, André Ceccarelli, Russ Miller, Félix Sabal Leco, Dom Famularo, Loïc Pontieux, Julio Figueroa, Walfredo Reyes Jr, Marc Mondésir, Simon Philips, Gary Novak, Dave Weckl, Thomas Lang, Mike Terrana, Carmine Appice, Will Calhoun, Cindy Blackman, Virgil Donati,…

Jean Pierre has also worked in studio and has recorded several CDs, commercials and videos.



22"x18" Bass Drum

18"x16" Bass Drum

10"x8" Tom

12"x9" Tom

13" Timbale

14"x14" Floor Tom

16"x16" Floor Tom


14"x5" and 10"x4” Snare Drums