Christophe "Tof" Rossini


Christophe "Tof" Rossini

Trio Cover / UK on The Rocks

Christophe "Tof" Rossini

Trio Cover / UK on The Rocks

Country:   France Category:   DRUMSET ARTISTS


Christophe "Tof" Rossini is a professional drummer since 1997 and a Pearl drums ambassador since 1998! He played with many bands in France like EV, Merzhin, Les Caméléons, Pat O May... Tof released many albums with French artists, makes demos for Pearl and gives drum lessons! He knows the Pearl products very well, as he was lucky enough to get the opportunity to play most of the series made by factory! From Export to Roadshow, all Master Series, Crystal Beat, Masterworks and e/Merge... He’s a Pearl drum lover and he's still hitting the road with his bands doing more than a hundred gigs per years!!!



Master Maple Complete

Inferno Red Sparkle

22" Bass Drum

8" Tom

10" Tom

12" Tom

16" Floor Tom

18" Floor Tom


Snare: HEK1480 14"x8” Snare Drum



DR-513C Icon Drum Rack 3-sided Curved

B-1030 Boom Stand

S-1030 Snare Stand




Crystal Beat

Ultra Clear

22x16" Bass Drum

12"x8" Tom

14"x13" Floor

16"x15" Floor

14"x6.5” Snare Drum