Brandon Pertzborn

Brandon Pertzborn

Marilyn Manson / Black Flag / Doyle

Brandon Pertzborn

Marilyn Manson / Black Flag / Doyle

Country:   United States Category:   DRUMSET ARTISTS


Following the beat of a heart-driven passion, Brandon Pertzborn set out on a journey to pursue his desire to be a drummer at the age of 12.


Hailing from Grapevine, Texas, Brandon has maintained the same goal over time—to consistently grow as a musician. After learning to play a few beats, Brandon’s drumming soon intensified to a level where music became his sole focus. His desire to immerse himself in drumming led him to leave sports and to pursue his music career while being homeschooled. Brandon’s drumming career has opened many opportunities that include playing for Marilyn Manson, Doyle, Black Flag and many others.


Brandon has played with many bands and has spanned several genres of music. "Learning something from every musician is so important," he stated, adding "I love constructive criticism; it’s how I continue to grow and improve. I learn something new about music every day". Brandon expanded his repertoire of instruments to guitar, bass and piano. "Since learning to play guitar and piano, I've grown so much more as a drummer. It's reshaped the way I play drums and has taught me how to interact and gel with other musicians. I’ve always thought of myself as a musician - not just a drummer."


Brandon inspires those around him through teaching when not on tour. "I love seeing the passion for music in people because it reminds me of myself. Every day I learn something new about drumming and I love passing along everything I learn to others." Brandon adds, "I will always be appreciative of Ludo Baccherini, an accomplished touring drummer, composer and producer, who helped teach and guide me when I was just starting out, and I want to do the same for other aspiring musicians."


When not performing live, Brandon enjoys spending creative time in the studio. He’s been fortunate to have written and recorded with several bands and independent artists, and has worked with talented producers such as CJ Eriksson, Dave Fortman, Doug Grean, Greg Ginn, and Doyle from the Misfits. "I'm so thankful for the gift of music and never take this gift for granted."

Equipment Configuration 1

Tour Kit 2019

Reference Series
Pure White

24x16 bass drum
13x9 tom
16x16 floor tom
18x16 floor tom
20x14 gong drum
14x6.5 Reference Brass snare drum


H2050 hi-hat stand
S930D snare stand x2
BC930 cymbal stand
TH1030S short tom holder
ADP20 adapter
PTT1212 Trap Table
TNK10N/10 Tension Keepers

Equipment Configuration 2

Studio Kit

BCX Masters Series
Lava Bubinga

22x18 bass drum
12x9 tom
16x16 floor tom
14x6.5 snare drum