Alex Holzwarth

Alex Holzwarth

Alex Holzwarth

Turilli / Lione Rhapsody

Alex Holzwarth

Turilli / Lione Rhapsody

Country:   Germany Category:   DRUMSET ARTISTS


Alex has played drums with artists such as Rhapsody of Fire, Sieges Even, Blind Guardian, Avantasia, Angra, Kamelot and many more. He’s recorded many records and toured all over the world. Sharing stages with bands like Manowar, Journey, Emerson, Lake and Palmer and Yes where some of the biggest highlights in his musical career!

For more than two decades, Alex has been working as a professional, certified drum teacher at the European drum school institution, drummer’s focus.

Together with his brother Oliver Holzwarth (Bassplayer in Rhapsody of Fire) Alex introduced a new concept of doing rhythm section workshops.

In 2014, Alex started his own online coaching service, DrumDoping. His FREE drum lesson live streams are available worldwide!

Artist Interview: 
What is it you like so much about playing Pearl drums? The complete package! The best concept, the best sound, the best drums, the best hardware and pedals I love :-)

Which Drummer or band influenced you most into playing drums? Charly Benante, Neal Peart, Nicko Mc Brain, Dave Lombardo, Vinny Appice, Nick Barker, Deen Castronovo and so many more....

Who in your mind are the drummers of tomorrow, who has caught you eye? Me! Just kidding :-) The drummer of tomorrow in my eyes should have a power attitude with sophisticated movements in playing! He should be a good musician obviously!

What do you like most about being a drummer? To be the engine behind the band!

What is the worst thing that has happened to you during a show? In a Rhapsody of fire show in Paris we started the show, but the metronome level was on zero (we play with click live)! So there was no pre count and we missed the very first hit, but the orchestra did it! that complete show was not so good after that!! On the next day we played again, because we had two sold out shows in a row to play and everything turned out great! So the next day’s people were fighting on internet about rhapsody being bad live because they have seen the first show but the crowd of the second show just went like, that was a awesome concert …so it turned out to be funny at the end :-) 

What do you practice and for how long? I practise double bass on and on, because I like it :-) I play whenever I can! To become good it is obvious to play about minimum 4 hours every day for years…

What is your best advice to a young drummer wanting to make it in this industry? Just do it! Before you sign something read it twice :-)


Drum Set:

Reference Series

a 22" x 18" Bass Drum (RF2218BX/C)

b 10" x 8" Tom (RF1008T/C)

c 12" x 9" Tom (RF1209T/C)

d 14" x 14" Floor Tom (RF1414F/C)

e 16" x 16" Floor Tom (RF1616F/C)

f 14" x 5" Snare Drum (RF1450S/C)



DR-501C Icon Drum Rack Curved x2

DR-501CE Icon Rack Expansion Bar Curved x2

RJ-50 Rack Joint

PCX-100 Rack Clamp x12

PCX-200 Tilting Rack Clamp x2

H-2050 Hi-Hat Stand

HA-130 Hi-Hat Bass Drum Attachment

CLH-930 Closed Hi-Hat

S-1030 Snare Stand

P-2050C Eliminator RedLine Pedal Single x2

D-1000SN Throne

CH-1030B Cymbal Holder x10