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Carriers & Slings


Carriers & Slings

Carry your battery with easy with Pearl carriers and slings.

CX Air Frame Carriers

Elegantly Simple. IncrediblySolid. These are the words that best describe theCX AIR FRAME Carrier from Pearl, which combines a lightweight, simplistic design with rugged durability. Field tested by the world's top marching ensembles, this revolutionary breakthrough in carrier design is highly adjustable with minimal moving parts, making this the perfect carrier for players of all sizes and skill levels. The CX AIR FRAME Carriers feature a solid rod, form-fitting upper shoulder frame attached to a thin aluminum belly plate with extreme range of motion. The ACS (Agility Control System) Belt unites the player to their instrument for optimal stability in today’s modern use of body movement. Adjustment of the carrier is done easily with a standard drum key.The shoulder and belly pads are removable for cleaning and are built with a “Stealth” design; the carriers practically disappear under the uniform.

MX T-Frame Carriers

Pearl's MX T-Framecarriersoffer elegant simplicity combined with solid dependability. These super light frames provide sleek comfort with a wide range of adjustmentto fit every size player. MX T-Frame Carriers come with the necessary mounting hardwareneeded to install the carrier to your instrument.Finished in a classy gloss black, these carriers are appropriate from the field to the stage. The combination of a simplistic design, straight forward adjustments, andPearl's world renowned qualitymake these carriers a clear choice for any band.

SLG-100 Triple Function Sling

Pearl’s SLG-100 Triple Function Sling is designed for use with any traditionally-carried marching snare and single tenor drums. The SLG-100 can be worn as a conventional sling, as a sling with waist belt for added support and comfort, oras a sling with waist belt with two attachment points for maximum stability during high-energy shows. Ideally suited for today’s pipe and traditional drumlines, the SLG-100 is designed to work with drums from all brands.


Light weight and durable Marching drum harness designed to achievehigher rigidity and safety for kids. Available in 2 sizes.

MX Pipe Snare

The new MX T-FRAME carriers by Pearl offer elegant simplicity combined with solid dependability. These super light frames provide sleek comfort with a wide range of adjustability to fit every size player. Straight forward adjustments with minimal hardware makes these carriers a clear choice for any band. The Pipe version of the MX Snare Carrier has been customized with short Pipe J-hooks that allow for the drum to be positioned as high and as close to the body as possible. In addition, the CXSA1 Snare Attachement from the CX AirFrame carriers has been added to the MXSP1 for an even tighter playing position that allows for angle adjustment and flip-up rest.