Conga drums originated in Cuba and typically include three pitches; high (Quinto), medium (Conga) and Low (Tumba). Pearl offers congas to meet the needs of every player from seasoned professionals to beginners, in a variety of shell materials.

Elite Series

Elite Series Congas are available in 100% Thai Oak or Fiberglass shells and feature polished Contour Crown rims and the highest quality Remo heads.

Bobby Allende Signature Congas

Bobby Allende is a mainstay in the New York Latin Music Scene and he demands the best from his drums, that's why he plays Pearl. His Signature drums are fiberglass with no seams to inhibit vibration which allow the drums to resonatefreely for the full, rich sound that Bobby is famous for.The congas are 28 inches tall, fitting the traditional seated player perfectly while adding extra width to the base for added projection and stability. A matching set of bongos is also available. The Bobby Allende congas and bongos feature Remo Fiberskyn 3 heads for tuning stability and Pearl's Low-Rider crowns with a radical sloping edge that practically disappears under your hands for comfort you have to experience to believe. If you demand excellence like Bobby, check out his Signature Fiberglass Congas and Bongos.

Havana Series

Havana Series fiberglass drums feature a wide belly design that produces deeper low tones and greater sound volume.

Elite Series Wood-Fiber Congas

Since the inception of Pearl Percussion’s Elite Series of Congas and Bongos, the drums have been offered with 100% aged Thai Oak or Fiberglass shells. Now the Elite Series offers a combination of the two shell materials blended together. The Elite Series Wood-Fiber shells deliver the best of both worlds; the superior cut and projection of Fiberglass, warmed by the rich Thai Oak outer shell. Matching bongos arealso available but sold separately. The Elite Series Wood-Fiber drums feature premium natural skin heads, polished Contour Crown rimsand Pearl’s exclusive Self-Aligning Washer System that isolates the tension hooks from the inner walls of the lugs for greater tuning ease.

Folkloric Series

Folkloric Series congas feature a traditional look with a modern innovation that blends and Oak shell with a Fiberglass gel coat on the inside of the shell for added projection.

Travel Congas

In 2011 Pearl introduced the original Travel Congas and the portability of congas was changed forever. Rather than the traditional 28” height of a conga, Pearl’s Travel Congas features 3.5” deep wood shells that deliver maximum portability and sound. Like traditional congas they utilize stave construction and feature real size Quinto (11"), Conga (11.75") and Tumba (12.5") heads. Tuning the Remo Symmetry heads is effortless with five precision Allen tuning bolts and the included wrench. The shell is finished in #510 Caramel Brown. Matching Travel Bongos are also available.

Primero Pro Series

Primero Pro drums feature professional quality construction at an affordable price and are available in 100% Thai Oak or Fiberglass.

Primero Series

The Primero Seriesismade with the same meticulous detail and workmanship as pro-level and Signature models but with smaller sizes and lighter hardware. Primero congas areideal for students, band programs and beginning players and are available with durable hand-layer Fiberglass shells. Primero conga setsare available with or without Pearl's PC-300W double braced conga stand. Matching bongos are available but sold separately.