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carriers & slings

Carry your battery with easy with Pearl carriers and slings.

CX Airframe 2 Carriers

Introducing the next generation CX Airframe 2 Carriers — the new industry standard. Built off the legendary performance of Pearl's CX Airframe Carriers, the innovative CX Airframe 2 models feature the same lightweight profile with rugged durability, yet have been reengineered for increased comfortability to suit players of all genders, body shapes, and sizes in the marching arts. CX Airframe 2 Carriers feature reshaped Airframe shoulder and chest sections for improved comfort and maximum range of motion and support for an all-inclusive variety of body styles. Affixed to a lightweight, customizable belly plate and featuring Pearl’s Agility Control System (ACS) Belt and CX mounting hardware, CX Airframe 2 Carriers deliver a highly adjustable and comfortable marching experience wherever performance takes you. "With Pearl’s newly designed CX Airframe 2 Carriers, performers can truly focus on elevating their musical performance and movement agility with exceedingly more ease and comfort. This innovative design targets improved angles and weight distribution to better accommodate a myriad of diverse body styles and gender considerations. And with the option for the frame add-ons when needing more room, Pearl now offers programs more customized equipment to assure performers of all shapes and sizes can thrive on their instrument.” — Julie Davila (WGI Hall of Fame 2014, PAS President Elect, PAS Diversity Alliance)

MX T-Frame Carriers

Pearl's MX T-Framecarriersoffer elegant simplicity combined with solid dependability. These super light frames provide sleek comfort with a wide range of adjustmentto fit every size player. MX T-Frame Carriers come with the necessary mounting hardwareneeded to install the carrier to your instrument.Finished in a classy gloss black, these carriers are appropriate from the field to the stage. The combination of a simplistic design, straight forward adjustments, andPearl's world renowned qualitymake these carriers a clear choice for any band.

SLG Triple Function Slings

Pearl’s SLG-100 and SLG-200 Triple Function Slings are designed for use with any traditionally-carried marching snare, single tenor, and bass drums. The SLG-100 can be worn as a conventional sling with a waist belt for added support and comfort, oras a sling with a waist belt with two attachment points for maximum stability during high-energy shows. Ideally suited for today’s pipe and traditional drumlines, the SLG-100 and SLG-200 Slings are designed to work with drums from all brands and fit players of all sizes.


Light weight and durable Marching drum harness designed to achievehigher rigidity and safety for kids. Available in 2 sizes.

MX Pipe Snare

The new MX T-FRAME carriers by Pearl offer elegant simplicity combined with solid dependability. These super light frames provide sleek comfort with a wide range of adjustability to fit every size player. Straight forward adjustments with minimal hardware makes these carriers a clear choice for any band. The Pipe version of the MX Snare Carrier has been customized with short Pipe J-hooks that allow for the drum to be positioned as high and as close to the body as possible. In addition, the CXSA1 Snare Attachement from the CX AirFrame carriers has been added to the MXSP1 for an even tighter playing position that allows for angle adjustment and flip-up rest.