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Hi-Hat Stands


Featuring elements shared with Pearl's award-winning Eliminator: Redline bass drum pedals, the H-1050 Pro Hi-Hat Stands' customizable options are designed to eliminate resistance, reduce fatigue, and increase speed.


Redline Hi-Hat Stand

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The H-1050 Hi-Hat Stand's advanced components assure increased fluidity in hi-hat feel and playability.

Its Redline Pedalboard features Pearl's exclusive reversible Traction Plate insert, allowing individual traction grip configuration to suit your exact playing requirements. Its direct-pull drive system and spring tension dial allow for fully adjustable feel, and Pearl's exclusive footboard angle feature allows precise height matching when using multiple pedal setups.

The H-1050 Hi-Hat Stand employs our beefy 1" tubing and die-cast clamshell clamps for superior rigidity under constant motion, and it's included Rapid Lock Quick Release Hi-Hat Clutch makes set-up and tear-down a breeze. 



Direct Pull Drive System


Rapid Lock Clutch


Double Braced Tripod with Swivel Function


Spike/Rubber Feet


Spring Tension Dial


Redline Reversible Traction Plate 


Spring Tension Dial


HI-HAT STAND set up Manual for H-1050


Trident Tripod

Employing a full 360° of hinged clamping force, the Trident Tripod's heavy duty legs feature lateral bracing for superior, ultra quiet rigidity. 

Rubber Feet w/Traction Spike Grips

Features oversized rubber feet with swiveling spike grips for sure-footed, stable performance. 

Eliminator: Redline Footboard

Pearl’s exclusive reversible Traction Plate and individual traction grips are configurable to suit your individual taste.

Swiveling Footboard

Fully-stabilized pedalboard swivels to accommodate multiple pedal set-ups.

Clamshell Clamp

H-1050's die-cast clamps feature built in memory locks for superior rigidity.

Infinite Foot Board Angle Adjustment

Allows for precise height matching in multi-pedal setups.

Rapid Lock (HCL105QR) Clutch

Pearl's Patented dual-locking Quick Release Hi-Hat Clutch makes set-up and tear-down a breeze.

Hinged Seat Cup

(U.S. Patent #7078606) Features a hinged platform for stable, consistent hi-hat sound. 

Spring Tension Dial

Lets you lock in the perfect hi-hat feel with slip-free assurance.

Sturdy, Tour-Ready Construction

A companion to our Eliminator: Redline Bass Drum Pedals, the H-1050 is durable enough to take all the play and impact the touring road can dish out.