Taking you Back to Push Your Sound Forward.

A classic shell fusion derived from Pearl’s original Masters shell recipe, Masters Maple Reserve drums feature North American Maple plies from our Masterworks Veneer Vault. Delivering a sophisticated balance of tone and power, its 4+4 Maple Shell Recipe yields rich, sustained lows, powerful midrange, and centered, resonant shimmer. 

Masters Maple Reserve Shells
  • The 4+4 Masters Shell

    4-ply (5mm) Maple shell with 4-ply Maple Re-Rings 

  • Warm, Focused Maple Tone.

    Sings with Maple warmth and focused punch.

  • 45° Bearing Edge

    Precise, low contact edge adds resonance and tonal focus.


The Classics Never Go Out of Style.

Masters Maple Reserve Shell Hardware offers increased resonance, improved bottom end, and a more nuanced, near field playing experience. Combining the ultra thin 4x4 shell with more efficient shell hardware reduces the overall drum weight by 30%. 

Masters Maple Reserve Shell Hardware
  • FatTone 1.6mm Hoops

    Like a classic "stick chopper" hoop with more tuning integrity.

  • CL Bridge Lugs

    Classic looks, minimal shell contact, and precise vibration control. 

  • OPTIMOUNT Aluminum Mounts

    Four point tom suspension for resistance free resonance.