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Drum Case Soft Bag

Drum Case Soft Bag

Protect your drums during rehearsal, transport or storage with a properly fitted Pearl soft bags

Midtown Bag Set

The Pearl Midtown Kit's compact size quickly breaks down into two optional gig bags (PMTBG)for quick transport. Durable nylon construction, largezipper openings and a sleek design make the PMTBG Midtown Bag Set a must have accessory for getting to the gig whilekeeping your kit in mintcondition.

Drum Bag Set

Whether you are transporting your drums back and forth from the gigor putting them in storage the Pearl Soft Drum Bag Sets are ideal for keeping them in prime condition. Available in 4 size options the DBS01N, DBS02N, DBS03N and DBS04N Drum Bag Sets all feature durable nylon construction, high density foam padding, scratch resistant fabric lining, reinforced seams, heavy duty zippers and padded carry handles. These professional grade bag sets are built to last and are a worth while investment for all players wanting to keep their Pearl gear looking as good as they sound.