President Series Deluxe


A Drum Tone that Defined an Era.

President Series Deluxe drums mark the return of the original Pearl drum shell; made from Standard Ply, six layer 7.5mm Lauan. Its explosive tonic subtlety delivers a deep, immediate power that can dialed into practically any musical situation.

President Series Deluxe
  • The Original Sound.

    Cross laminated 6-Ply Lauan Shell.  

  • Warm, Subdued Tone.

    Pearl's exclusive SST process adds resonance and strength.

  • Full Top-End Projection.

    A Rounded 45° Bearing Edge sculpts controlled sustain and power.


True to the Tradition.

The classic elements of Pearl's 60's/70's-era shell hardware have been recast and fortified to stay true in the heat of performance.

President Series Deluxe
  • Battleship Lugs

    True to the original design with optimal tuning integrity.

  • Classic Claw w/T-Handles

    A clean look with easy, hand-tuned precision.

  • LB-75 Logo Bracket

    For vintage Floor Tom Legs, Cymbal Mounts, and Spurs.


A Powerful Sonic Statement from Yesterday.

From subdued to stratospheric, the guttural growl of President Series Deluxe snare drums speaks with a giving tonal push that digs deep into the groove.

President Series Deluxe
  • Classic 8-Lug Layout

    Less shell hardware for the breathy, open tones of the original. 

  • Internal Muffler.

    Center into the right amount of attack and sustain with the turn of a dial.

  • SR-017 Strainer

    For quick smooth switching and optimum sensitivity control.