What is the difference between birch, maple, mahogany, carbon ply?

A fine grain wood with a smooth even texture. Rich lustrous lows with an even balance of mid tones and high frequencies has made this the all around accepted premium shell material for years in the acoustic drum industry.

A straight grained wood with a fine, even texture. Known for its strength and resilience, Birch provides a lively interior springboard for sound waves thus in turn creating a noticeable increase in the higher frequencies.

African Mahogany
A relatively "soft" hardwood that offers a dramatic boost in lower frequencies. This bass boost effect is most likely due to its loosely packed cellulose network that creates a natural Helmholtz resonator effect in the lower frequencies.

6 plies of exotic African Mahogany sandwiched between an inner and outer ply of Carbon Fiber. This distinctive combination creates a unique sonic blend between the low frequency of African Mahogany and the mid to high range tendencies of Carbon Fiber.

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