Matt Halpern

Signature Snares

Matt Halpern

A Snare Drum from the Outer Limits of the Edge.


Signature Snares

Matt Halpern

"There were a number of different, yet very important goals that came into play when designing this snare drum. First off, it needed to be a drum that I would love to play no matter the setting. Periphery is super aggressive in terms of sound, so it needed to cut through music like that, but also have the dynamic sensitivity for other less heavy musical genres I like to frequent. Another focus was to create a drum that served a unique role that could hold a candle to Pearl’s already impressive line of snare drums. Lastly, and maybe most importantly, was to develop a truly desirable, premium drum, that wouldn’t break the bank for drummers - we worked really hard to put together the right combination of features to build a top quality, incredible sounding snare drum that would never be out of reach financially for any drummer wanting to add it to their inventory! I’m humbled, honored, and excited that we were able to achieve these goals!"

-Matt Halpern


Matt Halpern Signature Snare Drum

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Pearl Artist Matt Halpern designed each element of his Signature Snare Drum to complement -as well as contrast- the complex nature of his playing. Subtle touches, like black powder-coating and three shell vents help to temper the lively tone of its 1.5mm Brass shell. MasterCast die-cast hoops boost projection but Evans Heavyweight Dry heads deliver a controlled attack.

Its SR-150 Click-Lock strainer delivers increased sensitivity, while visual touches like black/brass STL Swivel Tube Lugs and striking yellow gaskets, serve to inspire the ideal performance. The end result is a snare drum with cutting, dry, versatility that responds quickly for aggressive play, and serves a variety of styles with an expanded tuning range. 




1.5mm Brass Shell w/Black Powder-Coat Finish




MasterCast (DCB-1410/1410S)


SR-150 Click-Lock


Ultra-Sound (SN-1420I)


Evans Heavyweight Dry (B14HWD)
Evans Hazy 300 (S14H30)


AH-03B Die-Cast (x3)
Black Powdercoated w/Yellow Gaskets


Designed by Matt Halpern

"I wanted to optimize this drum based off of my previous experiences with developing a signature snare, to make something that raised the bar even higher in terms of comfortability, quality, and sound. I honestly could not be happier with the result!" 
Matt Halpern

Black Swivel Tube Lugs

Pearl's unique STL Lugs allow for increased resonance, minimal shell contact, and precisely aligned, no-bind tuning. The body and harness of each lug is powder coated in gloss black, but the pivoting tension sleeve is Brass for visual contrast.

Three Die-Cast Vents

The vent layout in the all Brass shell takes a triangular form for increased air release and drier tonality.

MasterCast Hoops

A strong, reliable Die-Cast hoop for increased volume, attack, and overtone control. Powder coated in Gloss Black.

1.5mm Black Brass Shell

Black powder-coated 1.5mm Brass shell for high-volume versatility. Created without a bead to give the progressive, technical drummer articulate, controlled snare tone and high attack.