Kevin Smart

Kevin Smart

Kevin Smart

Jake Miller

Kevin Smart

Jake Miller

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At only 18 years old, Drummer Kevin Smart has accomplished the unthinkable, having already shared the stage with some of the biggest names in music including Miley Cyrus, Ariana Grande, Jason Derulo, and Fall Out Boy, to name a few. Most recently, Kevin got off his second national tour with Warner Bros Recording Artist, Jake Miller, all while continuing to attend High School, proving why he is one of the most determined and in demand talents today.

Born in Manhattan, New York and raised in Old Bridge, New Jersey, Kevin grew up in a musically inclined household, his mother a singer, and father, a guitar player and drummer. At the age of 8, Kevin decided to join the school band and found himself gravitating towards the drums, which became one of his main hobbies. However, it wasn’t until High School that Kevin decided to turn his passion into an obsession, and joined the reputable School of Rock, a performance based school for musicians, to further his love for the drums. Along with performing with various students there, he began to study privately with Chris Stone (deSoL). Kevin’s first on-stage performance came when he was asked to play a “Best Of” show at the Highline Ballroom in New York City, where the best students from the region came and performed their greatest covers of well-known songs.

Now only three years after his first performance, Kevin continues to prove why hard works pays off, as he’s quickly transitioned his love for the drums into a reputable career, becoming one of the most sought after musicians. Kevin has performed at countless festivals/shows including Jingle Ball, Warped Tour 2013, and Skate Surf and continues to play drums for Jake Miller. Kevin also holds sponsorships and endorsements with Pearl Drums, Vater Drumsticks, Soultone Cymbals, Cympad, Stageworks, RimRiser, Reactorz Percussion, and Rotodrum PBS.

When Kevin isn’t performing, he maintains his school work as a senior in High School, and enjoys learning about other aspects of the music business including writing, recording, and booking.

Equipment Configuration

Tour Kit

Music City Custom

Reference Pure

White Marine Pearl


22x18 bass drum

12x9 tom

14x14 floor tom

16x16 floor tom

14x6.5 snare



BC930 boom stand
S1030 snare stand
H1050 Redline Eliminator hi hat stand
P3000C Demon Drive Chain pedal