Marching & Pipe Band Accessories



Marching & Pipe Band Accessories


Increase your Snare Drum's sonority with Pearl's Sound Projectors!  Designed to easily attach to the bottom hoop of your snare drum, these velcro-affixed 'scoops' are a great accessory for your battery. Pearl Sound Projectors are available in 3 different colors (black, white, and clear) and 2 sizes (for 13" and 14" drums)



14" White Sound Projector

Also available in 13" - SP13W


14" Black Sound Projector

Also available in 13" - SP13B


Plastic Construction

The sound projectors are weather proof, able to withstand years of use and exposure to the elements.

Velcro Attached

Velcro tabs are included with each projector, making installation simple yet secure.  Easily affix the velcro tabs to the outside of the bottom hoop of the drum so that the corresponding velcro on the projector lines up.  Then, press the projector onto the velcro, affixing it to the hoop.

Boosted Pronunciation

Pearl's Sound Projectors boost articulation and projection of your snare drums, taking it from the field to the top of the stands while maintaining snare response and shell tone.  By redirecting the sound waves coming from the snare drum, less sound is lost in the field/floor to provide optimal clarity, projection, and tone.