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The new Matt McGuire signature snare drum takes center stage in 2022. McGuire, the popular drummer for The Chainsmokers, created a beast of a snare drum that features 30 air vents around the rolled steel shell designed to enhance snare response. The drum also comes with an NFC (Near Field Communications) chip making it the world's first smart drum. Tap the chip with your phone to access exclusive content from Matt.

The President Series Deluxe line has been expanded to include additional rack toms, floor toms, and bass drum sizes, plus new single-headed concert toms to complete this period-specific drum set. New finishes have been added to drumsets, as well as new artisan finishes in Pearl's rope tuned and top tuned djembes. Three new Primero cajons are accented with graphic faceplates, and a new electric cajon will allow you to plug in when needed. Two new Awakening Series handpans complete the list of new products for 2022. We invite you to explore all our latest offerings to find an instrument right for you.

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