Percussion Accessories

percussion accessories

Options & Accessories

percussion accessories

Options & Accessories

percussion accessories

Add to the voice of your percussion instruments with a wide selections of hand percussion accessories.

Conga and Bongo Accessories

Available in various wood and fiberglass options Pearl offers a wide range of Conga and Bongo options for players of all levels. An assortment of accessories are available to take your Pearl Percussion setup to the next level.

Foot Pedal Bracket

The PPS-20 Foot Pedal Bracket allows cowbells, blocks and other instruments to be played with a bass drum pedal. Asquared, dimpled post providesmaximum support without slippage. A longer "L" rod is available with the PPS-20L model.The Eyebolts, Wings and knurled pegs are reversible to utilize a rubber or spiked tip.


Stix-Free is a Pearl exclusive and allows you to play cowbells and triangles by hand. Perfect for the multi-percussionist in a pop or pit setting the Stix-Free system provides quick and easy transitions from one instrument to the next while giving the ability to play intricate, syncopated patterns more easily.

Frame Drums Accessories

Frame drums are played around the globe, spanning many musical genres and cultural borders; and now, Pearl provides these fundamental instruments in a range of sizes, made with the quality on which Pearl’s reputation was built. Constructed of blended Asiatic hardwood and featuring a coated drumhead, the drums produce a full, open tone, and are drum-key tunable. The drums come in a set of 6; sizes 8”, 10”, 12”, 14”, 16”, and 18”. PHC-SNR Snare and PHC-STRP Strap Attachments are available to take your frame drum to the next level by adding hands free portability and an additional sound option.


Pearl’s high-density Steel Concert Triangles offer beautiful clarity with no unwanted overtones. Available in 6”, 8”, and 10” models, they each store safely in the included padded canvas carrying pouch which also houses a brass triangle beater (included). Triangle Clip and Trio Triangle Holder accessories are available for conveniently mount your triangles anywhere with minimal effect on resonance.


Pearl's PAR-100 Anarchy Crasher has arched metal strips and jingles to create a cutting "white noise" effect. Mount off any 3/8" post or stack the Anarchy Crasher on top of a cymbal.