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keith mcmillen instruments


keith mcmillen instruments

KMI products provide innovative hardware and software technologies that allow musicians to interface with computers in exciting new ways.


K-Mix is a portable, programmable mixer, and high-quality USB audio interface, with an advanced touch sensitive control surface complete with on-board digital effects.

K-Board Controller

A deeply expressive, durable, plug and play USB MIDI keyboard with gesture control designed for computers, tablets and mobile devices.


Extremely powerful ultra-wide dynamic range USB Smart Fabric 10" drum pad with programmable zones, velocity, bend, pressure and location CCs.

QuNeo Controller

QuNeo is a uniquely expressive pad controller that senses pressure, position and velocity to send MIDI Notes, CCs, and more with vivid LED feedback.

QuNexus Controller

A super compact, extremely durable, versatile and highly programmable 25 note keyboard controller designed to be deeply expressive and connect via USB, CV/Gate and 5-Pin MIDI.

SoftStep 2 Controller

SoftStep 2 is the world's most powerful MIDI foot controller. Gesture-sensitive pads turn pressure and position into Continuous Controllers, Program Change messages, MIDI notes and more. Perfect for controlling Ableton Live, guitar effects processors, hardware synthesizers, and virtually anything that accepts MIDI control while providing LED feedback.

12 Step Controller

A road-proof, brilliantly backlit pressure and tilt sensitive chromatic MIDI foot controller that allows triggering of notes, chords, clips, tracks, and parameters such as pitch bends, volume and MIDI functions.

MIDI Expander

The MIDI Expander is a 5-pin MIDI In andOut box that enables communication from KMI products which are USB MIDI to traditional 5-pin MIDIhardware devices.

BopPad Mount

BopPad Mount connects to a cymbal stand providing a convenient way to incorporate BopPad into your drum kit. Its anodized aluminum frame ensures it is both lightweight and rugged and the M8 thread is compatible with most cymbal stands available today!


K-Board Pro 4 is a four-octave MIDI keyboard controller with MPE for multiple dimensions of touch sensitivity in each key.