Tomas Järmyr

Tomas Järmyr - photo credit: Thor Egil Leirtrø

Tomas Järmyr


Tomas Järmyr


Country:   Norway Category:   DRUMSET ARTISTS


Tomas Järmyr (1987, Sweden) was born into a musical family with both parents being teachers at the local music school. This is where he discovered the drums at age 2. He started taking lessons at the age of 7, got his first Pearl (World Series) drum kit the following year, and joined the music school orchestra around the same time. As a young teenager, Tomas was already playing in several local bands and ensembles, spanning from punk and metal to jazz and folk music. It was during these years he really started developing his personal style of drumming characterized by great force, finesse, intensity and a sheer endless control over textures.


After more specialized studies in jazz and improvisation during high school and college, Tomas moved to Trondheim, Norway in 2008 where he obtained both a Bachelor's and Master's degree from “Jazzlinja” (Jazz department) at NTNU university. During his student years he manifested his musical expression and expanded his network of likeminded collaborators both nationally and internationally. While pushing his own bands and projects, he also started working more and more as a sideman and session drummer, all of which led to extensive touring mainly in Norway, Scandinavia and Europe.


In 2015 he temporarily joined the Italian jazz/metal monster Zu, picking up the sticks after Gabe Serbian (The Locust), until the return of original drummer Jacopo Battaglia in 2018. In January 2017, Tomas joined Motorpsycho, an internationally acclaimed, award winning band that has been, and still is, a driving force in Norwegian and European alternative rock music since 1989.



Masters Maple Custom

18"x14" Bass Drum

12"x8" Tom

14"x14" Floor Tom


MCT Masters Maple Complete

22"x18" & 20"x14" Bass Drum

10"x7", 12"x8", 13"x9" Toms

14"x12", 16"x14", 18"x16" Floor Toms


14"x6.5" MCT Masters Maple Complete Snare Drum

14"x6.5" Ian Paice Signature Snare Drum

14"x5" SensiTone Black Nickel over Brass Snare Drum

14"x5.5" Artisan Custom Limited Edition Bubinga/Maple Snare Drum

14"x3.5" Piccolo Maple Snare Drum



P-2050C Eliminator RedLine Single Pedal Chain Drive

P-2052C Eliminator RedLine Double Pedal Chain Drive