Naturally Resonant, Powerfully Present.

Masters Maple Complete's thin premium Maple shell fits in the tonal center of any musical situation. It is designed to deliver a definitive blend of warm, centered midrange and powerful rounded punch. 

  • Premium Shell

    Cross laminated EvenPly Six North American Maple.  

  • Enhanced Tone

    Pearl's exclusive SST shell process increases resonance.

  • Crisp Attack.

    45° bearing edge adds attack through minimal contact.


Rugged, Reliable, and Refined.

Masters Maple Complete's total sound is enhanced by strong hardware elements and is designed to hold tuning under heavy play without inhibiting shell resonance.

  • OptiMount Suspension

    Solid four point tom suspension for optimum shell resonance.

  • CL Bridge Lugs

    Classic minimal contact lugs with precise vibration control. 

  • Superhoop II

    2.3mm triple flanged hoops for tuning integrity and projection.


Unparalleled Sound and Value.

With enough top end power to cut through the mix, Masters Maple Complete snares have smooth tonal mids that make them an excellent complement to the total Masters sound.

  • All Maple Shell

    For fat, centered articulation and open tonal resonance.

  • CL Bridge Lugs

    Classic low contact bridge lug for maximum resonance.

  • SR017 Strainer

    For quick smooth switching and optimum sensitivity control.


Uncompromised Custom Details

Masters Maple Complete offers wide variety of boutique-level looks that let you to represent with your own unique visual and sonic style.

  • Transparent and Metallic Gloss Lacquers

    Inspired custom striping is combined with lavish Maple textures and metallic shimmer.

  • Exclusive Artisan II Graphic

    "Cain & Abel" Illustration by @jhancockart imprinted on the Maple outer veneer. 

  • Classic White Marine Pearl

    Capture the timeless look of a classic drumset original.