Dustin Steinke

Dustin Steinke

Dustin Steinke


Dustin Steinke


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Dubbed the “madman from Canada” by Nikki Sixx, Dustin is the drummer for SIXX:A.M. Starting drums at the age of 10, Dustin fell in love with drums and never looked back. Playing in open jams at blues nights in local bars and meeting other local musicians, Dustin along with his brother started the successful Canadian rock band Bleeker Ridge. With Major label releases, top 5 singles and multiple tours, Dustin was apart of Bleeker Ridge for 13 years before he met James Michael (producer and SIXX:A.M. singer) while working on an album together. It was there that SIXX: A.M. needed a drummer for a show in Japan at Budokan. The already formed SIXX:A.M. with 3 albums under their belt and never having a drummer, hit it off instantly with Dustin and offered him a spot in the group. Dustin has been with SIXX:A.M. since the start of 2015. His power, style and showmanship have been Dustin’s traits behind the kit from an early age. Along with SIXX:A.M, Dustin has played sessions for various projects ranging from local artists, up and coming artists and major label recordings. 

Equipment Configuration

Music City Custom



24x18 bass drum

13x9 tom

16x16 floor tom

18x16 floor tom

14x6.5 Reference 20ply snare drum

14x6.5 Hybrid Exotic kapur/fiberglass snare drum

14x8 Free Floating aluminum snare drum


ICON Rack System

Redline Eliminator pedals