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Specialty Items Rocket Toms


Rocket Toms

Pearl's Rocket Toms are perfectly pitched and will greatly expand the sound palette of any drumkit. They allow the drummer to produce melody and rhythm simultaneously and will fit in a variety of playing situations. The shells are made of heavy gauge aluminum, beautifully finished, and available in Piano Black lacquer and Arctic White lacquer.

 Rocket Toms are available in a variety of lengths all with 6" diameter batter heads. The two pre-packaged sets are accompanied by a T-890 Double Tom Stand.   


  • AL-0612  6x12
  • AL-0615  6x15
  • AL-0618  6x18
  • AL-0621  6x21
  • ALX-1215  6x12 & 6x15 w/ T-890 Dbl Tom Stand
  • ALX-1821  6x18 & 6x21 w/ T-890 Dbl Tom Stand
  • 100% Aluminum Shell
  • Chrome lugs
  • SuperHoop II
  • T-890 Double Tom Stand (only w/ pre-packs)
  • #103 Piano Black and #109 Arctic White