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Specialty Items Gong Drum

When you need to go further than the low end of a floor tom, the Gong Drum is the next stop. This 20" single-headed mountable drum is available in Reference, Reference Pure, Masters Maple Reserve, Music City Custom, Session Studio Select, and Decade Maple in a variety of finishes and hardware finishes. Used by artists such as Dennis Chambers, Todd Sucherman, Joey Jordison, and Gary Husband, Pearl's Gong Drum utilizes the same blended shell recipes in each respective series. Easily mounted by two BT3 Tom Mounts, the Gong Drum can be positioned with stands and with an ICON rack. Take it to the next level and customize your diameter, depth, and finish by ordering a Masterworks Series Gong Drum.

Gong Drum

Gong Drum Gong Drum Gong Drum


Reference, Reference Pure, Masters Maple Reserve, Music City Custom, Session Studio Select, and Decade Maple offer you the choice of adding a Gong Bass Drum to your arsenal. This drum is visually striking and guarantees to shake the foundation of any venue you play.

The 20x14 single headed gong drums are mounted by BT3 Tom Mounts located on each side of the drum. Any Pearl Tom Holder or accessory (like a UX80 Universal Adapter) with a 7/8 post can be used to mount the drum. Available in high gloss and sparkle lacquer finishes, fit with a Remo Powerstroke Head, and comes with the legendary Pearl Lifetime Warranty.

Gong Drums are exceptionally perfect for live and in the studio when you need the next dimension of low end after your floor toms. Split intricate patterns between the bass drum and gong drum or use it sparingly for that massive explosion at the end of a musical phrase.


  • Customize your size/shell specs with Masterworks
  • RF2014G - Reference Series
  • RFP2014G - Reference Pure
  • Music City Custom with RF & RFP shell specs
  • MRV2014G - Masters Maple Reserve
  • STS2014G - Session Studio Select
  • DMP2014G - Decade Maple

Multi-Fit Bass Drum Legs

The PMBDL3 Multi-Fit Bass Drum Legs allow any sized wood hoop bass drum to be adjusted for rock-steady performance in a flat playing position. No longer do players have to struggle with balancing drums on chairs or playing at an awkward angle on an unstable stand. Multi-Fit Bass Drum Legs solve all of these problems with a compact and easy to install design.

The set includes 3 height and angle adjustable legs, and are made to fit any shell depth from 10”-24”, allowing for independent heighth and tilt adjustment on any diameter drum. This non-invasive, non-permanent compact leg design is perfect for solo chamber music, concert ensembles, marching sidelines, and in the stands – anywhere you need a drum flat. The set installs in roughly 30 seconds, and collapses to smaller than a standard cymbal stand for easy transport.

Add amazing versatility to your percussion set-up with Pearl’s Multi-Fit Bass Drum Legs!


(Click for a larger picture of the legs)
(Click for a larger picture of the kit)