Pearl Drums
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Congas Havana Series


The Havana Series Conga Set is available in a Quinto, Conga, Tumba, and matching Bongo pair. Most modern conga belly circumferences measure 42” at their widest, while these fiberglass shell congas feature a Cuban-style width, with the Quinto, Conga, and Tumba waist lines measuring 48”, 50”, and 52” respectively, to give these drums a very deep and impactful punch.

The drums come standard with Pearl’s Contour Crown Rims, chrome plated hardware, rubber shell guards, and Pearl’s exclusive Self-Aligning Washer System for effortless tuning.

Finished in #644 Liquid Gold and #651 Red Tiger Stripe lacquer to complete the exotic look, the Havana Series Congas and Bongo are a great addition to your percussion set-up!

  • High End Natural Cow Skin
  • Polished Steel Hardware
  • 11"x48" Quinto
  • 11.75"x50" Conga
  • 12.5"x52" Tumba
  • PCF110HV644 – 11” Quinto
  • PCF117HV644 – 11.75” Conga
  • PCF125HV644 – 12.5” Tumba


  • PBF300HV644 –  7" & 9"
  • #644 Liquid Gold
  • #651 Red Tiger Stripe
  • PSC110CG 11" Quinto Conga Bag
  • PSC117CG 11.75" Conga Bag
  • PSC125CG 12.5" Tumba Conga Bag