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Vision Vision Maple VML

Introducing the all-new VML, Pearl's most affordable Maple shell pack. Maple, known for its warm, rich tone, has long been the choice of wood of processional drummers world-wide. You're sure to find the perfect configuration within our three new shell pack options. Vision Maple shell packs come standard with professional two ply heads and a matching snare drum. These incredible sounding drums are offered in two NEW exclusive lacquer finishes.


Vision Maple VML Features
  • Maple Shells
  • 6 ply 7.5mm Shells
  • Artisan II Lacquer Finish
  • Matching Snare Drum
  • Wood Bass Drum Hoops w/ Matching Finish
  • Recessed BD Claws w/ Rubber Lining
  • Perimeter EQ Bass Drum Heads w/ 3.5" Wide Rings
  • Two-Ply Tom Batter Heads
  • Reference-Look Bridge Lugs
  • Reference-Look Floor Tom Leg Bracket & Legs
  • Bridge-Type Bass Bracket
  • 900 Series Uni-Lock Tom Holders
  • I.S.S. Tom Mounting System
Lifetime Warranty

Maple Shells

Maple offers a smooth, warm, well rounded tone, with equal amounts of high end attack and midrange body, along with an excellent low end punch, perfect for any musical application.

Artisan II Finish

Incredible high-end kit finish on a mid-level kit. Complimented with the Reference-Look hardware, you'll have an amazingly balanced sound, unprecedented for this category. Available in #103 Piano Black and #806 Sangria.

Professional Two Ply Heads

Two ply heads are easier to tune, and deliver a full, powerful sound right out of the box. Vision is the only series in its category to be packaged with two ply heads.

Shell Composition

Maple is a fine grain wood with a smooth even texture. This highly respected wood offers a very wide dynamic range with extremely well balanced acoustic properties. Rich lustrous lows, with an even balance of mid tones and high frequencies, have made this the all around accepted premium shell material for years in the acoustic drum industry. This mix of creamy warm resonant mid to high frequencies, balanced with the propensity for powerful bass response, makes it the logical choice for our 12” toms, which also happens to be the only single wood shell in the series.



Pearl’s Superior Shell Technology utilizes a proprietary technique for achieving the ultimate air chamber. It begins with select woods chosen for their unique acoustic attributes, milled to precise thickness with overlapping scarf joint seams, for a perfect air-tight fit. The wood plies are saturated with Pearl’s proprietary “AcoustiGlue” that permeates every pore and dries to the exact consistency of the wood for optimum resonance. Finally, the plies are formed in high-temperature molds with 1000 PSI of hydraulic pressure to produce perfect drum shells that exhibit superior tone, optimal resonance and extreme strength.

Snare Drums

VML drumsets come with a matching 6 ply, Maple snare drum. This drum will give you the warmth and body of Maple with plenty of power to cut through any style of music. Pearl's innovative SR-900 Duo-Motion strainer can be converted from a side lever action to a Gladstone-type throw-off. The precision contoured lever allows for fast and absolute on/off function. A large adjustment knob insures fine tuning for superior snare sensitivity.

Pearl's innovative SR-017 Duo-Motion strainer can be converted from a side lever action to a Gladstone-type throw-off. The precision contoured lever allows for fast and absolute on/off function. A large adjustment knob ensures fine tuning for superior snare sensitivity.




Includes TH900I Tom Arms



Includes TH900I Tom Arms



Includes TH900I Tom Arms

Vision Maple Model Numbers

Snare Drum

DimensionsModel Number
14" x 5.5" SensiTone Chrome SS1455S/C

Bass Drum w/BB-3

DimensionsModel Number
20" x 18" w/BB-3 VML2018B/C
22" x 18" w/BB-3 VML2218B/C
24" x 18" w/BB-3 VML2418B/C

Floor Toms

DimensionsModel Number
14" x 14" VML1414F/C
16" x 16" VML1616F/C
18" x 16" VML1816F/C

Toms w/I.S.S.

DimensionsModel Number
8" x 7" w/I.S.S. VML0807T/C
10" x 8" w/I.S.S. VML1008T/C
12" x 9" w/I.S.S. VML1209T/C
13" x 10" w/I.S.S. VML1310T/C
14" x 11" w/I.S.S. VML1411T/C
16" x 13" w/I.S.S. VML1613T/C