Pearl Drums
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Concert Concert Percussion


Symphonic Tambourines

The PETM Symphonic Tambourine has 17 pairs of specially aged, stamped brass jingles to provide a dry, yet bright tone that brings added color and to any musical situation. Its 10” headed wood frame allows the player to effortlessly perform all tambourine techniques, and the tambourine’s plush carrying case is included.

The PETM20 Elite Concert Tambourine is a professional quality instrument equally at home in the concert hall or the recording studio. At the Nottingham Drum and Guitar Centre we carry good stocks of all Pearl Percussion Instruments, this particular Tambourine being of top quality. Ideal for Orchestral and band use this Tambourine has a double row of Stainless Steel Jingles and a 10" Hardwood shell. Fitted with a natural goat skin head the Pearl Elite PETM-20 Concert Tambourine is popular with Orchestral Players.


The PCN20 Castanets and PCN20S Short Castanets are pitch-paired and made from Chin Chan wood. Their handles (the PCN20 Castanets have been redesigned with longer handles) can also function as claves, making these double-use instruments a perfect orchestral package.

The PCN20H Castanet Holder is mountable and size adjustable. This item allows the player to easily access their castanets while playing other instruments. It also has soft felted areas in the inserts for the castanet handles.



The PRT10 Rattler is another vital component to any concert percussionist's equipment, and Pearl’s is built with an extended handle for a comfortable grip and ease of playing. The PRT10C Rattler Holder is also available.

Slap Stick

The PSS100 Slap Stick is made of Asiatic hardwood, it provides a crisp "clack" that can be found nowhere else.