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Todd Sucherman
Styx - United States


Todd Sucherman grew up in a musical family. His father, Arnold J. Sucherman was a doctor by day, and a big band drummer by night. He was the house drummer at the famed Chez Parre' in Chicago through the 1940s and 50's. During that time he worked with Lena Horne, Sammy Davis Jr., Sophie Tucker, Joe E. Lewis, Jack Benny and countless others. While on the road, at a gig in New Orleans, Arnold met a young actress, Jo Seiwert, who was performing together in the same variety show. They were married and soon formed a family of their own.

Paul was first (keyboards), then Joel (bass), then Todd (drums). Todd was fascinated with the drums as an infant. His father taught him to play and could read music by age five. His first paying gig was with his brothers, "The Sucherman Brothers" at age six. They continued to play together and with other musicians for years.

Todd kept up with his musical studies through school and attended Berklee College of Music for one year. There he studied privately with Gary Chaffee, a world renowned educator with former students the likes of Steve Smith and Vinnie Colaiuta.

In 1988, Todd returned to Chicago and quickly established himself as a first call musician in the recording scene. As an in demand player for live and session work, this led to his association with the band Styx. Todd was called in to record when Styx's John Panozzo was ill. After John Panozzo's untimely death, Todd's position in the band was solidified. Twelve years later Styx continues to play to millions of fans all over the world averaging 100 dates a year.  Todd has recorded several albums with the band including "Big Bang Theory" which put the band in the top 50 on Billboard for the fourth straight decade. In-between his time with Styx he's recorded over 1000 radio and TV spots and worked with artists diverse as Peter Cetera, Brian Culbertson, Spinal Tap, Michael Bolton, The Falling Wallendas, Eric Marienthal, and Brian Wilson (including his 2003 release with Paul McCartney, Eric Clapton and Elton John.  Todd has been an in demand clinician performing at drum festivals around the world.

In 2007 he produced and played on the debut from Taylor Mills, "Lullagoodbye" which featured appearance from Brian Wilson and Tommy Shaw.

After years of touring and recording, Sucherman began work on his much anticipated instructional DVD release "Methods and Mechanics" available from In this presentation that Modern Drummer magazine called "a stunning achievement" and "one of the most stunning looking and sounding DVDs ever," Sucherman brings the knowledge of thousands of gigs, shows and recording sessions along with over three decades as a professional drummer to this useful and unique DVD package. Astonishing technique, power and musicality explode from the various musical and solo performances throughout this presentation.

September 2011 will see the release of his follow-up DVD set, "Methods and Mechanics II: Life on the Road - Songs, Solos, Stories and Lessons." The brand-new 2-DVD set was co-produced by Todd Sucherman and Eric Dorris, and is a follow-up to Todd's enormously successful, multiple-award-winning first DVD release.

With a total running time of 4 hours, the set includes 15 song performances with analysis and breakdowns, including the music of Styx and others. Todd also covers topics such as odd phrasing, hand exercises and applications, concepts for practice routines, and an extensive look at ghost notes.

Todd has appeared on records released or unreleased with:
Brian Wilson (Imagination) (Brian Wilson On Tour DVD) (Gettin' In Over My Head - along with Paul McCartney, Eric Clapton & Elton John) (That Lucky Old Sun)
Styx (Greatest Hits 1&2, Return To Paradise, Brave New World, Arch Allies, Cyclorama, Styxworld Live, Big Bang Theory, 21st Century Live, One With Everything with the CYO)
Tommy Shaw (Seven Deadly Zens)
Peter Cetera (One Clear Voice)
Brian Culbertson (After Hours, Secrets, Somethin' Bout Love, Come On Up)
Steve Cole (Stay Awhile, Spin)
The Falling Wallendas (The Falling Wallendas, Belittle)
Bob Mamet (Night and Day)
Henry Kapono (Spirit Dancer, Hits)
Wade Hubbard (Insanity Lane)
Taylor Mills (Lullagoodbye)
Greg Ridley (Anthology)
Michael Bolton (Only A Woman Like You)
Morty Shallman (Love's Oblivion)
Lee Nysted (One Word)
Billy Ocean, R Kelly, Survivor, Jim Peterik, John Wetton, Joe Lynn Turner, Fareed Haque, Rochelle, Steve Kolander, Nicholas Markos, Tim Cunningham, Jim Brickman, Danny Kravitz, Into the Green, Bill Dickens, Kane Robberts, and others.

Live Performances:
Styx, Brian Wilson, Eric Marienthal, Spinal Tap, Brian Culbertson, Steve Cole, Bobby Enriquez, David Hasselhoff, Dave Uhrich, Falling Wallendas, Bob Mamet, Darryl Jones, Sandy Torano, Bill Dickens, Fareed Haque, Peter White, Rick Braun, Michael McDermott, Josie Aiello, Lionel Cole.

Various drum clinics and festivals including:
Cape Breton Drum Fest
Montreal Drum Fest
PASIC 2006
Modern Drummer Festival 2008

Film and Television-Radio spots:
The Negotiator (trailer)
If These Walls Could Talk 2 (HBO)
Twice upon a Time (Lifetime)

Over a thousand spots, the likes of McDonald's, Budweiser, Honda,
Pepsi, Reebok, Miller, Nabisco, etc.



Equipment Configuration

Todd Sucherman's 2013 Masterworks Series
Natural to Walnut Burst Bubinga finish
Titanium Rose Gold hardware

* 8 ply maple, inner/outer ply of bubinga- Rounded 45 bearing edges
** 4 ply maple, inner/outer ply of bubinga- Rounded 45 bearing edges
*** 6 ply maple, inner/outer ply of bubinga- Rounded 45 bearing edges
**** 18 ply maple, inner/outer ply of bubinga- Standard 45 bearing edges

*22x18 Bass Drum (x2)
**6x7 tom
**8x7 tom
***10x8 tom
***12x8 tom
*14x14 floor tom
*16x16 floor tom
*20x14 gong drum
****14x5 snare drum


Masterworks Series
Gold hardware
*2-ply bubinga outer/4-ply maple inner/2-ply bubinga
2-ply bubinga outer/6-ply maple inner/2-ply bubinga
***2-ply bubinga outer/16-ply maple inner/2-ply bubinga

22x18 bass drum** x 2 (10-ply shell)
8x7 tom* (8-ply shell)
8x8 tom* (8-ply shell)
10x8 tom* (8-ply shell)
12x8 tom* (8-ply shell)
14x14 floor tom** (10-ply shell)
16x16 floor tom** (10-ply shell)
20x14 gong drum** (10-ply shell)
14x5.5 snare drum*** (20-ply shell)
12x5 snare drum* (8-ply shell)

DR503C ICON rack
DR501E ICON expan... x 2
RJ50 mini-expansion bar
PCX200 clamp x 25
PCL100 leg pipe clamp x 4
CH1000 cymbal holder x 11
D70W throne
TH2000S tom holder x 4
TH2000 tom holder
C1000 straight stand
CLH1000 closed hi-hat
H2000 hi-hat 
S2000 snare stand
P2002C double pedal (black cams) "The Original Kit" - Gold hardware
All shells 8-ply (2 bubinga/4 maple/2 mahogany inner)
22x18 bass drum x 2
8x7 tom
8x8 tom
10x8 tom
12x8 tom
14x14 floor tom
16x16 floor tom
16x18 floor tom
14x5.5 Ultracast snare drum