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Stanley Randolph
Stevie Wonder / NKOTBSB - United States


Pearl artist, Stanley Randolph, has become one of the hottest and most in-demand drummers of the Los Angeles scene, sparking the attention, and gaining employment, from legends such as Stevie Wonder and several members of the Jackson family. At the young age of 26, Stanley’s already impressive resume is continually building due to his vast music understanding and knowledge, with his tasteful playing being one of the main reasons for why he is so highly regarded in the music world. Recently, Stanley was asked to be the drummer for pop music’s biggest summer tour, The New Kids on The Block/Backstreet Boys joint venture, titled NKOTBSB. Over the course of 3 months, Stanley will be visiting and playing to North America’s biggest venues including Staples Center in Los Angeles, Air Canada Centre in Toronto, and the legendary, Fenway Park in Boston.

With the chops and rudiments that can silence even the best, Stanley Randolph continues to awe and amaze the drumming world with his quick hands and swift fills around the kit, when applicable. Most feel that the true beauty in Stanley’s playing is his ability to show off his incredible talent while still maintaining the integrity of the song, and without stepping on the toes of the other musicians; an art-form that is often lost in the modern-day styles of drumming. This summer, while out on the NKOTBSB Tour, Stanley’s wide range of musical styles and techniques will be highly displayed throughout the large music catalogs of both New Kids on the Block and the Backstreet Boys. Often moving from up-tempo dance beats, to slower and softer ballads, Stanley requires his drums to have a wide tuning range and the best possible tone. Because of this, Stanley turns to the technology and innovation behind Pearl’s Reference Series drums to project the necessary tones to make each hit sound perfect.

Since each drum in the Reference Series line is designed and built with the specific components to give them the best possible tone, Stanley is confident that the perfect balance and pitch will be achieved, regardless of the situation. Whether he is in the studio laying down some tracks, playing with the legendary Stevie Wonder, or while out on the NKOTBSB Tour this summer, Stanley is promised that his Reference Series drums will be the perfect fit for whichever situation, due to the innovation and technology that goes behind each individual drum.

For more information on how to see Stanley live this summer, please visit the NKOTBSB website at,


Stanley @ MySpace

Equipment Configuration

Reference Series
Shimmer of Oz
22x18 bass drum
20x18 bass drum
10x8 tom
12x8 tom
13x9 tom (mounted on left)
14x14 floor tom
16x16 floor tom
14x6.5- Reference Series Snare (wood)
14x5- Reference Series Snare (wood)
13x7- Masters Premium Snare

Reference Series
Granite Sparkle
22x18 bass drum
8x8 tom
10x8 tom
12x9 tom
14x14 floor tom
16x16 floor tom
14x6.5 snare drum

DR503C ICON rack
PCX100 clamp x 15
P2000C pedal
B1000 boom stand x 8
H1000 hi-hat stand
S1000 snare stand
D2000 throne
TC1000 tom/cymbal stand x 2
CH1000 cymbal holder x 4
AX38 adapter x 2
UX80 universal clamp x 2
CLH1000 closed hi-hat
PTT1212 percussion table
PBL30 low clave' block
BCM10 mounted campana bell
PPS37 percussion clamp
PGA32 hex ganza