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Dre Boyd
Cirque du Soleil?s Quidam - United States


Andre’ Boyd, a native of St. Louis, began playing the drums at two years old. Watching his brother play every Sunday morning fascinated him so much so that after each service, he'd jump on the set and mimic what he heard first hand. At home, he played on everything from pots and pans, to his mother's living room furniture. It soon became evident that this was a gift from God and should be taken seriously. Not long after, Andre’ became the official drummer at his home church. From that point on, he played at concerts and all services affiliated with the church.

Andre’, is an exceptional musician whose voice of choice is drumset. As a diverse musician, he has mastered a variety of musical styles: straight ahead, funk, fusion, Afro-Cuban, big band, drum and bass, rhythm and blues, hip hop, pop and gospel. In addition to drumset, Andre’s musical abilities expand to include writing, producing, and arranging.

Andre’ has had the pleasure of performing with The Golden Gospel Singers, Dolemite, Shirley Murdock, Vasti Jackson, The Family, Denise Thimes, Gregg Happyguitar Haynes, and many more

Andre’ is currently on a world tour with Cirque du Soleil’s Quidam show production.

Andre’ is an exceptional musician with a remarkable personality. He is committed to performing on the best equipment that enhances his sound. Devoted to his musical development, Andre’ continues to enhance his artistic talents. A young, talented, and dedicated artist with a reputable character, Andre’ is the epitome of professionalism and musicianship.


Dre Boyd

Equipment Configuration

Masters MCX: Vintage Wine (280)

22x18- kick drum
10x8- rack tom
12x9- rack tom
14x14- floor tom
16x16- floor tom
14x5- snare drum