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David McGraw
Cattle Decapitation - United States


David McGraw has had a lifelong passion for drumming. Having started his drumming career at age 13, David already has over a decade of playing experience, and has been on numerous U.S. and international tours. Throughout the years, David has been in several metal bands, including Collapse, Sleep Terror of Seattle and currently Cattle Decapitation of San Diego. As a child growing up in Santiago, Chile, he played in local death and thrash bands before moving to the U.S. in 2001.

David made his first big entrance on the metal scene with the influential progressive technical metal act Sleep Terror. Touring the West Coast, and later on the U.S., Sleep Terror accumulated a cult following and continues to be an influence on the metal scene today.

David was recruited by San Diego metal band Cattle Decapitation in 2007. After having done numerous tours with Cattle from 2007 on, the band was ready to put out their first album featuring McGraw on drums. The album "The Harvest Floor" hit stores in January 2009, to overwhelmingly positive reviews. Numerous U.S. tours and international tours have been done for the album "The Harvest Floor", and Cattle Decapitation is now currently working on their 7th release soon to be out on Metal Blade Records. Later this year, David plans to be in the recording studio, laying down tracks for the forthcoming new Cattle Decapitation album.

David has been featured in and interviewed by numerous magazines, websites, and zines including a recent feature in Sick Drummer Magazine, where he was dubbed the "technical destroyer of the skins". He currently resides in San Diego, CA, where he is available for drum lessons and session work.


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