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David Kinkade
Soulfly - United States


David Kinkade was born in New Jersey in 1983. At the age of three, he started picking up drums after his Grandfather gave him his first drum kit. He is known for his extreme hand and double bass speeds and technique. He joined Soulfly in the summer of 2011. Former bands include- Borknagar, Malevolent Creation, Arsis, Divine Empire, Council of the Fallen. Aside from drums and music, Kinkade is an avid animal rights supporter. He founded "Metal 4 Paws" in 2007 in support of bringing the metal community together to fight animal abuse.


Equipment Configuration

Masters MCX: Piano Black

22x18- bass drum (x2)
8x8- rack tom
10x8- rack tom
12x9- rack tom
14x14- floor tom
16x16- floor tom
14x6.5- Ultracast snare drum

DR503- ICON drum rack
DR501- ICON rack expansion bar
TH2000- tom arm (x3)
H1000- hi hat stand
CLH1000- closed hi hat
S2000/C- snare drum stand
RJ50- ICON rack expansion bar
PCX100- rack clamp (x16)