Pearl Drums
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Drumset Artists

  1.  Sallaberry Sallaberry Independent
  2. Jackie Santos Jackie Santos Berklee / Independent
  3. Rick Schell Rick Schell Pure Prairie League
  4. Casey Scheuerell Casey Scheuerell Berklee
  5. Jason Schmidt Jason Schmidt Lindsay Ell/Jon Pardi
  6. Wally Schnalle Wally Schnalle Idiot Fish/Independent
  7. Louie Sciancalepore Louie Sciancalepore HURT
  8. Yonrico Scott Yonrico Scott Derek Trucks Band
  9. Ricky Sebastian Ricky Sebastian Independent
  10. Gary Seligson Gary Seligson Billy Elliot (Broadway)
  11. Scott Sellers Scott Sellers Uncrowned
  12. Chad Sexton Chad Sexton 311
  13. Racci Shay Racci Shay Murderdolls
  14. Charles Shelton Charles Shelton Independent
  15.  Shin Shin Cinema Bizarre
  16. Bassil Silver Bassil Silver Powerglove
  17. Zack Simmons Zack Simmons Goatwhore
  18. Dave Simmons Dave Simmons KC & The Sunshine Band / Ky-Mani Marley
  19. Jade Simonetto Jade Simonetto Hate Eternal
  20. Eric Singer Eric Singer KISS, Alice Cooper
  21. Martin Skaroupka Martin Skaroupka Cradle of Filth
  22. Steven Slate Steven Slate Steven Slate Drums
  23. Kevin Smart Kevin Smart Jake Miller
  24. Ken Smith Ken Smith Independent
  25. Tony Tony "Thunder" Smith Lou Reed
  26. Marvin Smitty Smith Marvin Smitty Smith Independent
  27. Joe Smyth Joe Smyth Sawyer Brown
  28. Aaron Solowoniuk Aaron Solowoniuk Billy Talent
  29. Steven Spence Steven Spence Black Tide
  30. Freddy Spencer Freddy Spencer Anthony Gomes Band
  31. Robby Staebler Robby Staebler All Them Witches
  32. Tre Stafford Tre Stafford Adelitas Way
  33. Andy Strachan Andy Strachan The Living End
  34. Jeremiah Stratton Jeremiah Stratton (hed) p.e.
  35. Todd Sucherman Todd Sucherman Styx
  36. Jerrod 'J-Rod' Sullivan Jerrod 'J-Rod' Sullivan
  37. Keli Swearingen Keli Swearingen Regional Drumset Artist
  38. Steven Sweet Steven Sweet Warrant