Pearl Drums
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Drumset Artists

  1. Michael D'Angelo Michael D'Angelo Independent
  2. Jimmy Daniel Jimmy Daniel Local Drumset Artist
  3. Bevan Davies Bevan Davies Danzig / Dirty Pollyanna / MonstrO / Comes With The Fall
  4. DeCarlos Davis DeCarlos Davis Independent/ Whisper From Heaven
  5. Giancarlo de Trizio Giancarlo de Trizio The Book of Mormon Tour
  6. Les DeMerle Les DeMerle The Les DeMerle Orchestra
  7. Kenwood Dennard Kenwood Dennard Independent / Berklee
  8. Joe DeRose Joe DeRose Regional Drumset Artist
  9. Nick Diamond Nick Diamond Brett Eldredge/ Danielle Bradbery
  10. Cody Dickinson Cody Dickinson The Word/ North Mississippi All Stars
  11. Dennis Diken Dennis Diken The Smithereens
  12. John Dittrich John Dittrich Restless Heart
  13. Bobby Domings Bobby Domings Independent
  14. John Douglas John Douglas Sammy Hagar & The Wabos
  15. Brian Dowd Brian Dowd Josh Thompson
  16. Mike Dupke Mike Dupke W.A.S.P.
  17. Mindy DuPonte Mindy DuPonte MINY