Pearl Drums
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Concert Artists

  1. James Babor James Babor Los Angeles Philharmonic / University of Southern California
  2. Matthew Bassett Matthew Bassett Buffalo Philharmonic Orchestra
  3. Andrew Beall Andrew Beall Freelance Percussionist & Composer - NYC
  4. Greg Beyer Greg Beyer Northern Illinois University / Due East
  5. Andy Blanco Andy Blanco Independent
  6. Brian Blume Brian Blume Southeastern University
  7. Mario Boivin Mario Boivin Sherbrook University
  8. Jeremy Branson Jeremy Branson Pittsburgh Symphony Orchestra / Carnegie Mellon University
  9. Tim Broscious Tim Broscious University of Minnesota Duluth/Quey Percussion Duo
  10. Michael Bump Michael Bump Truman State University