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Fumbling to pick up a beater and steady your triangle is a thing of the past with the new PPS-12T Stix Free Triangle Holder.

A brass beater underneath each of the two padded, curved, felt striking pads hits the horizontally-mounted 8” hardened steel triangle (included) with a crisp and clear sound.

With two striking pads you can play intricate, syncopated patterns not possible with a single triangle beater and go from instrument to the Stix Free Triangle (and vice versa) without missing a beat.

The PPS-12T is fully adjustable to hold triangles from 6” to 10” and perfect for the multi-percussionist in a pop or pit setting.

The PPS-10 and PPS-11 Stix-Free allow you to play a Cowbell by hand.

Stix Free is a Pearl exclusive and easily mounts to the post of any cowbell holder for truly "sticks free" action.

Available In 2 sizes, PPS-10 for small bells up to 5", and PPS-11 for larger size bells.

  • PPS12T Stix Free Triangle Holder
  • PPS10 Stix Free Cowbell Striker (small)
  • PPS11 Stix Free Cowbell Striker (large)